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VTL007 - Classic B3 Hammond Organ - FA Series

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Added by Vortebor

Classic B3 Soundset is the result of research and programming of famous Hammond organ settings.
The soundset consist of 4 studioset each containing 16 Hammond tones for a total of 64 new tones.
The first two studioset are composed of classic sound of Hammond , the third from rock organ and the fourth of pure sound of B3.


Patches List:

Studioset 1 Classic B3 1
pt 1 B3 Jazzy
Pt 2 B3 Jimmy
Pt 3 B3 James
Pt 4 B3 Full
Pt 5 Gospel 1
Pt 6 Gospel 2
Pt 7 Gospel 3
Pt 8 B3 J.Lord
Pt 9 B3 Silky
Pt10 B3 Billy
Pt11 Whistle
Pt12 B3 McDuff
Pt13 B3 Procol
Pt14 B3 Garner
Pt15 B3 Ray
Pt16 B3 Pat G

Studioset 2 Classic B3 2
pt 1 B3 Joey
Pt 2 B3 Allman
Pt 3 B3 Bossa
Pt 4 B3 Holmes
Pt 5 B3 Melvin
Pt 6 B3 Reggae
Pt 7 B3 Blues
Pt 8 B3 Mellow
Pt 9 B3 Church
Pt10 B3 Ballad
Pt11 Bro' Jack
Pt12 B3 Chords
Pt13 B3 Green
Pt14 B3 Shade
Pt15 B3 Shout
Pt16 B3 Tommy

Studioset 3 Rock B3
pt 1 Rock 1
Pt 2 Rock 2
Pt 3 Rock 3
Pt 4 Rock 4
Pt 5 Rock 5
Pt 6 Rock 6
Pt 7 Rock 7
Pt 8 Rock 8
Pt 9 Rock 9
Pt10 Rock 10
Pt11 Rock 11
Pt12 Rock 12
Pt13 Rock 13
Pt14 Rock 14
Pt15 Rock 15
Pt16 Rock 16

Studioset 4 Pure B3
pt 1 Bassoon
Pt 2 Cello
Pt 3 Clarinet
Pt 4 Cornet
Pt 5 Diapason
Pt 6 Fagotte
Pt 7 Flute
Pt 8 Oboe Horn
Pt 9 Trumpet
Pt10 Violin
Pt11 Vox Human
Pt12 Bombarde
Pt13 Cromhorne
Pt14 Tuba
Pt15 Gamba
Pt16 Saxophone

Control S1 = Fast Rotary (Latch mode)
Control S2 = Brake Rotary (Latch mode)

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