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SCL066 - Supernatural B3 Organ Clonewheel - FA Series
SCL066 - Supernatural B3 Organ Clonewheel - FA Series
SCL066 - Supernatural B3 Organ Clonewheel - FA Series
SCL066 - Supernatural B3 Organ Clonewheel - FA Series
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SCL066 - Supernatural B3 Organ Clonewheel - FA Series

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You've never heard before on your FA!
4 StudioSet (Jazz B3 x2 and Funk-Rock B3 x2) with different EQ and Reverb, each containing 16 SuperNatural Organ Tonewheels from the 51 total.
On-the-fly tweaking: Tones Drawbars configuration; Slow/Fast/Break Rotary Speaker effect; EQ / Gain / Distortion.

SUPERNATURAL B3 ORGAN CLONEWHEEL is the result of extensive work to improve sound quality of SuperNatural tonewheels –for direct using on PA system– by taking advantage of all Roland® FA workstation features (eq, mfx, ifx and so on) trying to emulate the typical Hammond® organ sound in a Leslie® rotary speaker.



Only one preset from System Effects (Use ‘Chorus’ Knob3 to turn off the Chorus effect. It is also possible to use it for tweaking Chorus parameters but not recommended because to restore the initial setting you have to select the StudioSet again (unfortunately the Supernatural Tonewhel doesn’t manage the vibrato/chorus, so it was necessary to implement it using the Chorus in System Effect section).

Rotary Effect
Fast Rotary: Control S1 (Latch mode) - Foot Pedal in CTRL2 (Momentary mode);
Brake Rotary: Control S2 (Latch mode).

Gain and Drive
Use Assign1 and Assign2 Knobs for Gain and Drive tweaking (only Tones with name ‘B3D’).
Alert: In ‘System Setup’ set ‘Knob Assign Source’ to ‘STUDIO’.

Expression Pedal
The use of the expression pedal (in CTRL1) is consistent and correctly affects the overdrive amount, as in the real instrument.
Alert: In ‘System Setup’ set ‘Pedal Assign Source’ to ‘STUDIO’.

EQ Variation
Use ‘Tone' Knob2 at your pleasure, depending also on the PA system.

REVERB Variation
Use ‘Reverb’ Knob4 at your pleasure.

The JAZZ B3 StudioSet uses a C4 split point between Lower Manual (Part #2) on the left and Upper Manual (Parts to be selected via Pads in select mode). In this way you can quickly select the sound of the right hand only, leaving unchanged the comping sound on the left hand.
Please note hat this set is more suitable for FA07 and FA08.
You can also use the Tones in single mode (more suitable for FA06)
Bass Pedal: over select Pad 16 to add this sound layer on left keyboard.

The FUNK-ROCK B3 StudioSet uses Assign1 and Assign2 for gain and drive tweaking, so please set in ‘System Setup’ ‘Pedal Assign Source’ ‘Knob Assign Source’ to ‘STUDIO’.

There are 50 Tones, 22 ‘Clean’ and the 28 with OverDrive + 1 Bass Pedal, organised in 4 StudioSets: ‘JAZZ B3’ x2 and ‘FUNK-ROCK B3’ x.
The name of each Tone is generally composed by B3 followed by the position of each Drawbar (for example: B3 888 indicates the classic setting of the first 3 drawbars at value 8. The following drawbars are not indicated if they all have zero position).
If the Percussion sound is turned on, this is highlighted in the name by its type (2nd or 3rd) and whether it is Slow or Fast (S or F) (for example: B3 888 3rdF).
Tones preferably arranged for FUNK-ROCK B3
2. B3D 848
3. B3D 888
4. B3D 888 3rdF
5. B3D 888 2ndF
6. B3D 6 2ndS
7. B3D 686 2ndS
8. B3D 6886 (Funky Comp)
9. B3D 8888
10. B3D 888000006
11. B3D 78
12. B3D 800000007
13. B3D 008000007
14. B3D 086000006
15. B3D 078600004
16. B3D 800008888 (Squabble)
17. B3D 800002486
18. B3D 612345678 (Reeds)
19. B3D 852000258
20. B3D 876545678
21. B3D 888888888 (Full)
22. B3D 888888 3rd
23. B3 ROCK1 (no Rotary)
24. B3 ROCK2 (no Rotary)
25. B3 ROCK3 (no Rotary)
26. B3 ROCK4 (no Rotary)
Tones preferably arranged for JAZZ B3
27. B3 COMP
28. B3 848
29. B3 888
30. B3 888 3rdF
31. B3 888 2ndF
32. B3 6 2ndS
33. B3 686 2ndS
34. B3 6886 (Funky Comp)
35. B3 8888
36. B3 844000006
37. B3 888000006
38. B3 78
39. B3 800000007
40. B3 008000007
41. B3 086000006
42. B3 078600004
43. B3 800008888 (Squabble)
44. B3 800002486
45. B3 612345678 (Reeds)
46. B3 852000258
47. B3 876545678
48. B3 888888888 (Full)
49. B3 STOPPED (no Rotary)
50. B3D STOPPED (no Rotary)
Bass Pedal
51. in StudioSet JAZZ B3 over select Pad 16 to add this sound layer on left keyboard.

Roland ® is a registered trademark of Roland Corporation which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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