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SWS017 - Massive Synth - Logic Pro X Mainstage ES2

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This awesome library adds creativity and power to your Logic Pro X / Mainstage ES2: it features new soundscape pads, classic pads, progressive and powerful leads useful in every musical context... 41 new sounds ideated and designed from scratch.

Patches List:

Acide Wave Arp
Analog Brass
Arg Arp
Arp Sinudoidale
Arp Soul
Artificial Hammond
Artificial Hammond 2
Brassy BrassArp
Breathed Lead
Cold Pad
CP Arp
Dark Vader Pad
Dope Arp
Fat Bass
FM Brass
Fresher Pad
Grinding Arp
Half PWM Pad
Hard Rock Lead
Little Phatty Bass
Metal Arp
Metal Lead
Modern Pop Corn
Monster Arp
Monster Arp 2
Night in Tokyo
Organ Arp
Overglide Lead
Power Bass
Rock on Lead
Sharp Bass Arp
Shaving Pad
Snare Arp
Space Cowboys Arp
Space Keys
Spreader Pad
String Pulse Pad
Synth Piano Arp
Valley Pad
Vintage Heaven Pad

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