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DVK014 - Signature Pack Hammond B3 Organ MKII - Logic Pro X / MainStage Vintage B3

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Added by Davek

This collection contains a selection of the most famous organ sounds for Logic Pro X / MainStage Hammond B3 Organ... 21 new patches !


This expansion requires Mainstage 3.4.4 and Logic Pro X 10.4.8 or higher.

This collection contains a selection of the most famous organ sounds:

1.Some resolutions of compatibility problems.
2.Now, you can find the complete project in Mainstage “My Concerts”.
3.New sounds have been added.
4.You will also find the Vintage B3 Signature Pack MKII patches that can be recalled directly within the Vintage B3 plugin contained in Logic and Mainstage and also directly from the search engine for the sounds of Logic and Mainstage.

Patches List
1 Blues Organ
2 Born To Be Wild
3 Brian Adams Signature (it’s only Love)
4 Church Organ
5 Full Organ I
6 Full Organ II
7 Gospel Organ
8 Greg Rolie Signature I
9 Greg Rolie Signature II
10 Greg Rolie Signature III
11 Jimmy Smith Signature
12 Joey Di Francesco Signature
13 Jon Lord Signature
14 Paul Shafter Signature
15 Pink Floyd Signature
16 Procol Harum Signature
17 Raggae Organ
18 Raggae Spring Organ
19 Ray Charles Signature
20 Tom Coster Signature
21 Tony Monaco Signature

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