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SSX121 - Life On Jupiter V.2 - Jupiter 80

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This collection provides sounds inspired both by modern progressive music such as Dream Theater, Planet X, Pink Floyd and Genesis. It includes some pad sounds, as well as lead tones, custom hammond tones, groovy riff sounds and arpeggio patches. This pack has been created with the aim to provide you 24 professional patches to play in every musical context; from prog to acoustic moments. Programmed with care on sound details by Alex Di Donna ( SynthSound ).

Patches List:
Time Intro
Wish SynthBrass
Shine on PF
Shine on Solo PF
Empty Spaces PF
Planet Vintage L
Planet X
Pig Riff I
Liquid Hammer
EndLess Patch
Kroma Key Atmos
Ltl Organ
In the flesh organ
Run Like Lead
Any colour you lead
Great gig piano + organ
Dogs of War
Money rhodes
Coming to Pad
An Evening with Jp

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