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LDX107 - Elements - Jupiter 80 ( 16 presets )
LDX107 - Elements - Jupiter 80 ( 16 presets )
LDX107 - Elements - Jupiter 80 ( 16 presets )
LDX107 - Elements - Jupiter 80 ( 16 presets )
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LDX107 - Elements - Jupiter 80 ( 16 presets )

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Added by Leadsounds

Awesome collection of famous sounds inspired by the genius of Jens Johansson, Stratovarius keyboard player... 16 new sounds !

Patched and performed by Alberto Trullu for Leadsounds.

Patches List:

-Black Chords (Harpsichord Black Diamond)

-Judas Choir (Choir The Kiss of Judas)

-Poly6 Jens Inemo (My version of the famous Jens Johansson Lead inspired from original poly6 Tone and JD10 Dist)

-SOS intro (sos 1998)

-Forever Intro (Some acoustic strings from Forever 1996)

-Stratovarius int (First LEAD SQUARE from Song Maniac Dance 2005)

-Before Winter har (Split,Harp,pad string, from Before the Winter Intro 1997)

-Synth Pad (Intensive voice mallet pad for some part)

-Choir String (Choir and string for Visions Album 1997)

-Season of Change (Pad\Strings plus plucked for Central part OF Season of Change 1996)

-Twilight Symph (Harpsichord and string for the song Twilight Symphony 1995)

-GrandPipe Org (Massive Grand pipe organ)

-GrandPipe renais (Grand pipe,choir and harpsichord ..for playng Black Diamonds end)

-Fantasia intro (Intro split layers from Elements pt1.) PRESS F4 for long synth pad

-Back Madness pno (split piano and cello from Back MAdness "Stratovarius"2005)

-My Eternal Dream (Big orchestra and choir intro for this song 2015)

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