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SCL197 - PF Essential - Korg MicroX / X50

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SKU: SCL197-microxx50

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The PF Essential is the Pink Floyd sound bank for MICROX / X50 that traces the journey of the historic band from the early to the late works through... 38 new sounds !

Patches List: ( PROGRAM D - COMBI A )
Shine on intro
Shine organ 
Shine solo
Shine organ strofa 
Shine solo finale 
Coming back 
Hey you piano 
Hey you organ 
Hey you synth brass 
Hey you pad  
Sorrow intro 
Sorrow part 
High hopes (expression pedali)
Another brick 1
Another brick 2 organ 
One of these days 
Echoes piano 
Echoes organ 
Breathe e piano 
Breathe organ
Time intro 
Time part 
Time bridge 
Time solo 1 
Time solo 2
Time part
Time bridge
Money rodhes
Money solo
Money rodhes
Money organ
Us & them organ  (expression pedal)
Any colour you
Brain demage 
Brain demage ending
Wish you archi

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