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SCL001 - Covers Pack - Korg MicroX / X50 ( 15 presets )
SCL001 - Covers Pack - Korg MicroX / X50 ( 15 presets )
SCL001 - Covers Pack - Korg MicroX / X50 ( 15 presets )
SCL001 - Covers Pack - Korg MicroX / X50 ( 15 presets )
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SCL001 - Covers Pack - Korg MicroX / X50 ( 15 presets )

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Added by MArkBasile 


This custom set contains some programs and combis optimized and ready to be played in live situations: there’s no annoying frequency that will make you go crazy when you want to play live in a gig club and you want to hear the music from the crowd... if you play music you know what it means.

Patched and performed by Mark Basile (lead singer of DGM and B.R.A.K.E.) for Leadsounds.


Patches List:

B001: Mark Piano: My custom Acoustic Piano optimized for live.
A007: Mark E.Piano: My custom E. Piano optimazed for live with a little overdirve and phaser controlled by Knob4 and tremolo controlled by Modulation Wheel.
A039: Hammond: My custom Hammond with on/off saturation on sw1 and the lesile with speed controlled by Modulation Wheel.
A003: Strings: My custom Strings patch.
A049: Funk Clavi: My custom Clavi patch with Phaser on/off on sw 1 e Wha on/off on sw 2
C069: Maroon Bass: My bass Synth custom patch.

A000: Piano + Str: layer of Acoustic Piano + Strings with String’s volume controlled by the EXP pedal 4 controlling the background strings level easily.
A001: E. piano + Pad: layer of E.Piano + Analog Pad close to the A000 combi.
A002: Lady Marmalade: as the name of the song (Patti La Belle also covered by C. Aguillera) is a Bass Synth on the left of the keyboard and the clean Hammond on the right.
A003: Markk Lead: a PCM version of my lead.
A004: Maniac: a layer/split (from Flashdance o.s.t.) formed by a pad and by a perc synth that plays the famous theme. The EXP pedal activates another synth to play the special part in the middle of the song.
A005: Cosmic Girl: (Jamiroquai) Split formed by E.Piano + synth lead with portamento for solos.
A006: Deeper Undergorund: (Jamiroquai) split with a complex layer of strings to emulate the intro orchestra and a custom Bass Synth. Sw 1: oct +1 Sw2: oct -1
A007: Superstition: (S.Wonder); split/layer with Clavi Funk patch + the brass section controlled by EXP pedal for the bridge section of the song; on the right there’s a farfisa organ.
A009: This Love M5: (Maroon 5) layer with Acoustic Piano + Synth Bass controlled by EXP pedal.

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