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LDX007 - Nightwish Collection - Korg MicroX / X50 ( 17 presets )
LDX007 - Nightwish Collection - Korg MicroX / X50 ( 17 presets )
LDX007 - Nightwish Collection - Korg MicroX / X50 ( 17 presets )
LDX007 - Nightwish Collection - Korg MicroX / X50 ( 17 presets )
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LDX007 - Nightwish Collection - Korg MicroX / X50 ( 17 presets )

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Added by Leadsounds

This is a high quality ready to play collection, inspired in Tuomas Holopainen and his work on Nightwish, covering most of his famous songs and popular effects. Prepare to get closer to Symphonic Metal than ever !

Patched and performed by Mauro Pacella for Leadsounds.

Patches List:
Nemo Piano
Moondance Piano
Everdream Piano
Opera Organ
Beauty Strings
Stargazers Strings
Kinlayer Strings
Far Away Strings
Cover Me Bells
Bless The Child Split
She is my Sin Bells
Choir Pad
Nw Harpsichord
Nw Orchestra Hit
Sacrament + Crownless Lead
Dynamic Full Orchestra
Hit Strings Multi


A001: Nemo Piano: A really good imitation of the acoustic piano used in the Nemo´s Intro, very deep and dark.

A002: Ever Dream Piano: Another excellent and expressive piano sound wich can have Strings accompaniment by using the 4th knob.

A003: Moon Piano: Dark, expressive and warm Piano that really capture the essence of Nightwish, you can even feel the weight of the keys while you play.

A004: Opera Organ: A powerful pipes organ, exactly the same used in the Phantom of the opera, and with a Choir pad in the lower section, for recreate the song exactly.

A005: Beauty Strings: Cover the Strings section of Nightwish`s songs was never soo easy, with this dark-tape effect strings, you cant tell the diference between the original!.

A006: Kinslayer Strings: A Cleaner string pad, excellent for orchestral sections and many songs of Nightwish, because its common use by Tuomas.

A007: Stargazers Strings: Another Strings section, more oriented to lead the melody, with its powerful attack and its many displayed octaves .

A008: Far away Strings: As his name, a ready to use String lead, with a mallet sound behind, in combination with the others strings you can overlay all the differents expressions of Nightwish.

A009: Cover Me Bells: One of the most used sound of Tuomas, ready to play and with Strings in lower the lower part. A never heard warm and sweet bells section.

A010: She is my Sin Bells: Extreme, tight and mind blowing Lead-Bell Layers, not only used in this song but also in many others famous hits from Nightwish.

A011: Choir Pad: Its an expressive and simple choir pad, adaptative for cover different kinds of songs or give your creations the Heaven voices needed.

A012: NW Harpsichord: Replica of the famous instrument with some Tuomas Flavor, a version more extreme and heavy where you can even hear the mechanics sounds working!.

A013: NW Orchestra Hit: An Orchestral part never its complete without this sound, you ill hear the energy and power like never before. And in combination with the others sounds of the pack there is no limit for your creation. This is one of the most desired sounds for Symphonic metal due its complexity.

A014: Dynamic Orchesta: The most complex sound of the pack, trigger by velocity or Knobs, you can create and control many instruments and expressions, from choirs, strings, brass, to hits and timpani. Perfect to give your music the Nightwish style.

A015: Tuomas Lead: This is a perfect replica of the Lead signature from Nightwish keyboardist, very expressive and powerful, as you can hear in songs like sacrament of wilderness or crownless.
And to make it more suitable for all nightwish songs, we put a warm harpsichord layer controlled by the 4th Knob, to use when its needed, Lead like you never had!

Multi 001: Kinslayer Multi: A perfect Split Sound with the powerful Hit included in the pack and the proper String section.

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