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LFO007 - Vector Universe - Korg M3 ( 128 presets )
LFO007 - Vector Universe - Korg M3 ( 128 presets )
LFO007 - Vector Universe - Korg M3 ( 128 presets )
LFO007 - Vector Universe - Korg M3 ( 128 presets )
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LFO007 - Vector Universe - Korg M3 ( 128 presets )

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For: Korg M3
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"Vector Universe" is a deep journey into the world of atmosphere & melodic pulses. And Korg M3 is a father of M-50 & Krome with Karma engine instead of Double Arpeggio.
It sounds fantastic & having very wide range of capabilities.
We made 128 dynamic & lush patches which are ready to go in your Ambient, Electronica, Soundtrack.



*Lush & evolving Pads
*Wide & massive Strings
*Dynamic & unusual arpeggios & rhytmic poly's
*Plucks & Bells
*Planetary pad series 
*One note Ambiences

Pathces List:
NK Entrance A000
NK 7th Pad A001
NK Island A002
NK New Age A003
NK Noisy Pad A004
NK One Note Pad A006
NK Worlds A007
NK Morph A008
NK Blue Pad A009
NK Laizy A010
NK Silky A011
NK Moving A012
NK Oxygene A013
NK Stringy A014
NK Blue String A015
NK Bella A016
NK State A017
NK ChristianA018
NK Ancient A019
NK Aurora A020
NK Light A021
NK CinematicA022
NK Zenith A023
NK Green A024
NK Ozone A025
NK Yellow A026
NK Shine A027
NK MonasteryA028
NK Golden A029
NK M One A030
NK ARP One A031
NK Arp Two A032
NK Chordy A033
NK Chordy 2 A034
NK Blue A035
NK Orange A036
NK Traffic A037
NK Orange A038
NK Barocco A039
NK CS A040
NK CS-2 A041
NK Juno A042
NK Goa A043
NK Plucked A044
NK MS-10 A045
NK Pages A046
NK Shift A047
NK Formant A048
NK Formant 2A049
NK Fast A050
NK Fast 2 A051
NK MS-20 A052
NK Bright A053
NK Seq A054
NK Seq 2 A055
NK Seq 3 A056
NK Round A057
NK Sine A058
NK Fast Two A059
NK Zeus A060
NK Zeus 2 A061
NK Deva A062
NK Deva 2 A063
NK Wings A064
NK Ruva A065
NK Ruta A066
NK Ruta 2 A067
NK Ruva 2 A068
NK Power A069
NK Power 2 A070
NK Power 3 A071
NK Chorus A072
NK Chorus 2 A073
NK Sky A074
NK Sky 2 A075
NK Huge A076
NK Bellatrix A077
NK Huge 2 A078
NK Ghost A079
NK Molecula A080
NK Ethnic A081
NK Dreamy A082
NK Fiji A083
NK Layers A084
NK Windy A085
NK VS A086
NK VS 2 A087
NK VS 1 A088
NK VS 3 A089
NK SY A090
NK OST 1 A091
NK OST 3 A092
NK OST 2 A093
NK OST 4 A094
NK OST 5 A095
NK OST 6 A096
NK OST 7 A097
NK OST 9 A098
NK OST 8 A099
NK Endings A100
NK Earth A101
NK Earth 2 A102
NK Orbit A103
NK Strata A104
NK Moon A105
NK Venus A106
NK Venus 2 A107
NK Mars A108
NK Saturn A109
NK Echoes A110
NK Pluto A111
NK Orbital A112
NK Pluto 3 A113
NK Pluto 2 A114
NK Neptune A115
NK Andromeda A116
NK Phobos A117
NK Deimos A118
NK Comet A119
NK Ray 1 A120
NK Ray 2 A121
NK Ray 3 A122
NK Ray 4 A123
NK Ray 5 A124
NK Ray 6 A125
NK Saint A126
NK Endings A127

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