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LDX038 - Nightwish Gothic Collection - Korg M3
LDX038 - Nightwish Gothic Collection - Korg M3
LDX038 - Nightwish Gothic Collection - Korg M3
LDX038 - Nightwish Gothic Collection - Korg M3
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LDX038 - Nightwish Gothic Collection - Korg M3

Product SKU: LDX038-m3
For: Korg M3
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Added by Leadsounds

If you love orchestral music, especially that set around the gothic sounds, this is really the collection for you. Designed around this genre, it contains the Cover collection of the Finnish Nightwish, pioneers of Gothic Metal, including the most famous sounds created by Tuomas Holopainen. The collection is divided into 2 parts:

1. Nightwish Cover Collection: In these patches you will find the sounds that accompany the musical lines of the group, including String sounds typically present in every composition, or other characteristic sounds like the Ever Dream pad, the atmosphere pad from Deep Silent Complete, the mighty organ used in The Phantom of the Opera.

2. Gothic Keys Collection: This collection, designed to allow everyone to face gothic / symphonic projects without problems, contains 8 well sounding patches. Among these, one can find split Combis where different sounds are assigned to different parts of the keyboard, thus allowing to fully exploit the entire keyboard range, which is very useful especially in the symphonic / orchestral songs. Also included patches with very versatile string atmosphere pads, ideal for intros and musical interludes.

Prog / Power / Metal oriented sounds

including FREE NIGHTWISH Cover Collect. Programmed by Vaiavalo for Leadsounds.


Patches List:
A000: NW Pad
A001: NWS Choir
A002: NWS Strings
A003: NWS Strings+Choir
A004: pipesPOTO NWS
A005: SleepingsnBELL
A006: slaying BELL
A007: 3 Octave NWS
A008: piano+strings ED
A009: NWS Brass
A010: Gothic collection (combi vuota)
A011: Strings&timpani
A012: Heaven Bells
A013: Celestial Piano
A014: Gothic Organ
A015: Gothic Harpsi
A016: Orchestral Harpsi
A017: Aetherial Pad
A018: Orchestral Brass

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