LDX232 - Massive Synth - Sequential OB 6 / Desktop

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This awesome library adds creativity and power to your OB 6 / Desktop; it features new soundscape pads, classic pads, progressive and powerful leads useful in every musical context, pipe simulations, some industrial sound and so on... 70 new sounds ! Ideated and designed from scratch.


Patches List:
Small Decay Lead
Portamento Lead
Hardcore Arp
Double Octave Lead
Classic Saw Lead
Metallic Phaser Pad
Alien Pad
Mirror Pad
Blade Pad
Soft Bass
Long Release Pad
Pure Square Lead
Filter Bass
Detuned Lead
Aftertouch Pad
LFO Organ Lead
Funky Bass
Evolving Pad
Watery Bass
Meditation Pad
Space Pad
Hi-Pas Deep Pad
Percussive Pluck
Classic Lead
Electro Arp
Met Bell
Slow Pad
LFO Dark Pad
Acid Delay Lead
Pig Riff
80's Lead
Brilliant Lead
80's Pluck
Like Subsonica
Techno Stab
Tremolo Pad
Phaser Lead
Post Industrial Pad
LFO Brass
Honor Thy Lead
Investigation Pad
Old LTE Layer
Pulse Lead
Pulse Octave Lead
Fusion Brass Groove 9th
Day of he OB
Sweeping Lead
Rich Lead
God of the Synth
Take the Pad
Modular Lead
Detuned Strangers
Warm Softy Pipes
Carin Diamonds
Massive Synth Pad
Mr. Crowley
Dirty Groove
DS Lead
Square Trance
Inertia Groove
Surrounded Synth
Hypnotherapist Pad
Expressive Lead
Voices of Bamboo
Synthy Pipes
Like a Groove
The Moog Master
I Want a OB6

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