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DKS009 - DKS Custom Sounds Vol.1 - Sequential OB 6 / Desktop

€19,00 €29,00

This is a unique collection for Sequential OB-6 that allows you to expand your musical horizon. This collection is a comprehensive bank of various kind of sounds such as pads, lead sounds, pluck synth sounds, powerful synth, analog synth brass, aggressive basses... 30 new sounds !


Patches List:

400 DKS Dream Lead
401 DKS SquarePad
402 DKS Big Pluck
403 DKS Miza Synth
404 DKS Soft Whistle
405 DKS Prog Lead
406 DKS Modern Lead
407 DKS Voyage Pad
408 DKS Crazy Synth
409 DKS Sad Pad
410 DKS Uni Lead 1
411 DKS OB Brassy
412 DKS Pluck Soft
413 DKS Cinematic Pluck
414 DKS Detuned Brass
415 DKS LFO Pad
416 DKS PW Lead
417 DKS New Brassy
418 DKS Landing Pluck
419 DKS Vangelic Pad
420 DKS 80’s Dreaming
421 DKS Highway Driving
422 DKS Prophetic Synth
423 DKS Old Strings
424 DKS Topper
425 DKS Detuned Bass
426 DKS Synthwave Evo
427 DKS JN Pad
428 DKS Running Epic
429 DKS Vintage Lead

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