LDX178 - Monster Pack MKIV - Nord Lead 4 / Rack

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Aggressive leads, organs, dreaming pads and groovy keys make this collection a "must-have" for every musical style. A new Leadsounds collection for the Clavia Nord Lead 4 / Rack  Synth... 152 new patches.




This is the upgrade of the NL4 Monster Pack.
Aggressive leads, organs, dreaming pads and groovy keys make this collection a "must-have" for every musical style.
Sounds cover different music styles, from classic synths to emulations of real instruments and complex texture pads.
It contains 64 patches, made by Claudio G. Fusillo and Enrico Lorenzini.

Patches List:
3 on 4 CGF
Digi Tines CGF
Trumpad CGF
Discovery CGF
Stab Me CGF
Holy Pad CGF
The Church CGF
Real Strings CGF
Warm Pad CGF
The Leader CGF
PUlse Guitar CGF
Alchemy CGF
Cloudinet CGF
Organic CGF
Bass-Lead CGF
Classic 80s CGF
Watch Out CGF
Alone CGF
Drama CGF
Japan CGF
Future Key CGF
Synth Mews CPL
Groovy Lead CGF
Liquid L V2 CGF
Moster Lead CGF
Resosphere CGF
Key Solo CGF
Credits CGF
Artic Keys CGF
I will rise CGF
World Core CGF
Ignotus per CGF
Tom Sawyer EL
Super Saw Pad EL
Amb Pno Pad EL
Elegant Brass EL
Lead Disco EL
Arp and Pad EL
Immenso Pad EL
Dance Brass EL
Bass & Lead EL
Padsynth EL
Bass Lead 2 EL
Super Saw Pad EL
Sweet Noise EL
Velosynth EL
Fantasy EL
Sweet Pad EL
80's Sounds EL
Aggressive EL
Puff EL
Arp Lead 2 EL
Organ Farf EL
Sweep Bells EL
Space Ambient EL
Hard Synth EL
Fat Synth EL
Syn Org Dist EL
Fanfare EL
Arpdream EL
Rush SYnth EL
Squale EL


This collection for Nord Lead 4 has been developed to make playable many good sounds used by Alberto Rocchetti in his live concerts with Vasco Rossi, making them as similar in all their characteristics. Hearing the discography of the rocker, we have selected sounds paying attention both historic songs and new hits.

A trip down 26 sounds including soft pads, arpeggiators meticulously planned, leads, more numerous splits and layers. Programmed and performed by Stefano Angiulli for Leadsounds.

Patches List: ( Perf Mode )
01: Gli angeli
02: Vivere una favola Pad
03: T'immagini Lead
04: La compagnia Lead
05: Vieni Lead
06: Domenica lunatica 2004
07: Brava LFO
08: Stupendo London Arp
09: Il mondo che
10: Siamo soli
11: UPS
12: Vivere o niente
13: Fegato spappo
14: Vivere senza
15: Sei pazza
16: Anima fragile pad 2007
17: Domani si
18: Lo show 1993
19: Dannate 
20: Mare
21: Duro inc Arp
22: Duro inc Sound
23: Duro inc Solo
24: Chi dice Solo
25: Angeli V2
26: Innocente Lead V2


This is a new Leadsounds collection for Clavia Nord Lead 4 / Rack.
72 new programs that embrace a wide range of sounds: soft pads, groove keys, arpeggiators, organs and many other types of sounds.
A new pack for live and studio needs patched by Antonio Piangiolino.

Patches List: ( Program Mode )
1) MonoDubDriver
2) Deepad 
3) Soft Bass 
4) AcidBrass 
5) LittleLead 
6) StPad 
7) SlowEvolvin 
8) SemiPerc 
9) PolyAttPad 
10) WheelMe Pad 
11) Slapping 
12) MonoEngageWheel 
13) WarmPad 
14) WarmPad2 
15) InTheSea 
16) DelayLead 
17) Dirty 
18) PulsingSoul 
19) SoftPluck 
20) SoundTracking 
21) DelayBells 
22) PulsingLead 
23) CompactOrgan 
24) AttBass 
25) NoClearLead 
26) RythmPluck 
27) 80sPad 
28) AliensBells 
29) SweetArp 
30) ClassicBass 
31) OrangePad 
32) HighBass 
33) SynthEP 
34) AggrPad 
35) Vocalesque 
36) 80sAttPad 
37) BehindPad 
38) JokingPluck 
39) IntroPluck 
40) SoftOrgan 
41) Jumpin 
42) Paddorganized 
43) AttLead 
44) LowBass 
45) DistEP 
46) WaooohPad 
47) KeepCaldPad 
48) FilterPad 
49) WhisperingLead 
50) CrazySolo 
51) FunkyPluck 
52) SynthCleanGuit 
53) CrazyArp 
54) SynthElP 
55) FM Pad
56) TalkinLead 
57) DMbass 
58) PluckinPad 
59) FreshArp 
60) HorrorPad 
61) SpacePad 
62) FMPluck 
63) JungleMallet 
64) CarrMallet 
65) DescentPad 
66) DirtyAggrLead 
67) FmWahElP 
68) AlienatorLead 
69) WelcomeLead 
70) BrassPad 
71) DeepBassSound 
72) SynthPluck

Nord ® is a registered trademark of Clavia which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for