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LDX147 - Vascology - Nord Lead 4 / Rack

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This collection for Nord Lead 4 has been developed to make playable many good sounds used by Alberto Rocchetti in his live concerts with Vasco Rossi ( a famous Italian songwriter ), making them as similar in all their characteristics. Hearing the discography of the rocker, we have selected sounds paying attention both historic songs and new hits.

A trip down 26 sounds including soft pads, arpeggiators meticulously planned, leads, lots of splits and layers. Programmed and performed by Stefano Angiulli for Leadsounds.


Patches List: ( Perf Mode )
01: Gli angeli
02: Vivere una favola Pad
03: T'immagini Lead
04: La compagnia Lead
05: Vieni Lead
06: Domenica lunatica 2004
07: Brava LFO
08: Stupendo London Arp
09: Il mondo che
10: Siamo soli
11: UPS
12: Vivere o niente
13: Fegato spappo
14: Vivere senza
15: Sei pazza
16: Anima fragile pad 2007
17: Domani si
18: Lo show 1993
19: Dannate
20: Mare
21: Duro inc Arp
22: Duro inc Sound
23: Duro inc Solo
24: Chi dice Solo
25: Angeli V2
26: Innocente Lead V2

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