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LDX150 - Monster Pack V.3 - Nord Lead 4 / Rack

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Monster Pack V3 features Monster Pack V1 by Enrico Lorenzini and Monster Pack V2 by Claudio Fusillo. Aggressive leads, organs, dreaming pads and groovy keys make this collection a "must-have" for every musical style.
Sounds cover different music styles, from classic synths to emulations of real instruments and complex texture pads... 68  nee patches !!!




Monster Pack V1 Patches List: ( 32 Performances )
1 Tow Sawyer
2 SuperSawPad
3 AmbientPnoPad
4 ElegantBrass
5 Lead Disco
6 Arp and Pad
7 Immenso Pad
8 Dance Brass
9 Bass e Lead
10 Padsynth
11 Bass Lead 2
12 SuperSawPad
13 SweetNoise
14 VeloSyn
15 Fantasy
16 SweepPad
17 80 Sounds
18 PAW
19 Aggressive Brass
20 Beat Port JW
21 Arp e Lead2
22 OrganFarf Pad
23 Puff
24 SpaceAmbient
25 HardSinth
26 SweepDistFatEL
27 SweepFatSynthEL
28 SynOrgDist
29 Fanfare
30 Arpdream ENRY
31 Rush Synt
32 Squale

Monster Pack V2 Patches List: ( 36 Performances )
3 on 4 CGF
Digi Tines CGF
Trumpad CGF
Discovery CGF
Stab Me CGF
Holy Pad CGF
The Church CGF
Real Strings CGF
Warm Pad CGF
The Leader CGF
Pulse Guitar CGF
Alchemy CGF
Cloudinet CGF
Organic CGF
Bass-Lead CGF
Classic 80s CGF
Watch Out CGF
Alone CGF
Drama CGF
Japan CGF
Future Key CGF
Synth Mews CGF
Groovy Lead CGF
Liquid L V2 CGF
Monster Lead CGF
Resosphere CGF
Key Solo CGF
Credits CGF
Artic Keys CGF
I will rise CGF
World Core CGF
Ignotus per CGF
HartofWorld CGF

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