LDX120 - Ultimate Leads Vol 1 - Native Instrument Kontakt - Full Version

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This is the best leads collection ever made; it provides professional leads, like the legendary Liquid Lead, Monster Lead, Key Solo and so on. It contains a collection of "prog metal leads and sounds" inspired by the greatest keyboard players: Jordan Rudess, Derek Sherinian, Kevin Moore, Michael Pinnella, Jens Johansson and so on... 46 new patches ! (Available for Kontakt 4 or later). Patched by Mauro Pacella.


-Aqua Lead

Soft lead that recalls the 70s atmospheres.

-Busy Sync
A classic sync lead serviceable in various

A sound that allows you to recreate the sound of Continuum used by Jordan Rudess also in Octavarium suite by DT.

-Detuned Lead
A classic detuned lead.

-Electro Lead
Inspired by the Korg Triton series famous sound.

-Extreme Pig Riff Wah
Powerful heavy keyboard sound useful to make groove with guitar.

-Fuzz Lead
A classic mono fuzz lead.

-Ghost Lead
A soft lead that allow you to recreate eerie atmospheres.

-Gospel Organ
A great chapel organ sound.

-Hammond Clone
Very accurate hammond sound.

-Radio Lead
-Classic lead sound

Lead that takes its name from the wavefor it uses

-Johansson Lead
Lead ispired by Jens Johansson sound.

-Juicy Lead
Sound of lead programmed for various uses and styles.

-Keysolo lead
Legendary Keysolo sound inspired by Derek Sherinian.

-Liquid Lead
The most famous JR lead.

Beautiful melltron sound.

-Mono Lead
Simple and monophonic lead.

-Pig Riff
A variation of the Extreme Pig

-Power Lead
Great lead sound for all the power metal lovers.

Classi great lead sound for various uses

-Rudess Old Lead
This lead sound like the first used by JR in his late solo project.

Lead that takes its name from the wavefor it uses

-Smooth Lead
Very sweet sound for melodic arrangements and solos.

Lead that takes its name from the wavefor it uses

-Tuomas Lead
A great lead that remind the Nightwish keyboard player sound

-Modern Lead
Programmed for the soloist needs of the modern keyboard player

-Pig Lead
Powerful lead for fast and dynamic solos

-Rhapso Lead
A great lead that remind the Rhapsody keyboard player sound

-Monster Lead
The famous lead that remind the ex-Dream Theater keyboard player Derek Sherinian sound

Bonus Sounds:

- K-Piano Inspired by Kurzweil® Piano, Pc3x triple strike piano layers

- Baroque Harpsichord
- Dimensional Pad
- Etcnic Dreams
- Saw Electrin Piano
- Supreme Hammond-Rock Organ
- Supreme Lead 1
- Supreme Lead 2
- Supreme Organ
- Supreme Pianopad
- Supreme Symphonic Strings
- Supreme Synth Strings
- Synth Saw Brass
- Valhalla Pizzicato

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