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MDL001 - MoD JP-8000 - Native Instruments Kontakt ( 55 presets )
MDL001 - MoD JP-8000 - Native Instruments Kontakt ( 55 presets )
MDL001 - MoD JP-8000 - Native Instruments Kontakt ( 55 presets )
MDL001 - MoD JP-8000 - Native Instruments Kontakt ( 55 presets )
Master of Dreams
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MDL001 - MoD JP-8000 - Native Instruments Kontakt ( 55 presets )

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The MoD JP-8000 sound library is a concise collection of meticulously crafted samples captured from the legendary Roland JP-8000 synthesizer. The core of this library lies in the extensive use of the instrument's renowned SuperSaw oscillator, renowned for its rich, harmonically complex textures. The comprehensive package provides a staggering 3,000 samples meticulously organized into 18 distinct sets. This meticulous organization translates into a streamlined workflow, allowing producers to quickly locate the perfect sonic palette for their creative endeavors.

Furthermore, the library boasts a curated selection of 55 instruments specifically designed for seamless integration with Native Instruments Kontakt. These meticulously crafted instruments meticulously capture every note within the playable range of the JP-8000, ensuring exceptional sonic fidelity and expressive control.

The depth of the MoD JP-8000 library extends beyond static samples. Many instruments leverage the power of cyclic (Round Robin) layering, offering producers a range of 3 to 5 variations for each note. This innovative technique imbues the sounds with a natural, dynamic character, further enhancing realism and expressiveness. For producers seeking a touch of unpredictable sonic serendipity, the library incorporates instruments featuring samples with randomized start times. This captivating approach injects a subtle yet impactful element of organic variation into your productions.

Crucially, a significant portion of the instruments within the MoD JP-8000 library features a Low-Pass Filter meticulously mapped to both the velocity parameter and the CC1 MIDI controller (commonly assigned to the modulation wheel). This intuitive design empowers producers to effortlessly sculpt the tonal character of their sounds in real-time, fostering dynamic and nuanced performances. The "MoD JP-8000 Kontakt Dry" folder unveils an additional 55 presets. These presets mirror the meticulously crafted instruments found within the main library, yet remain unadorned by the effects processing capabilities of Native Instruments Kontakt. This approach allows producers seeking a pristine sonic foundation or meticulous control over external effects to harness the raw power of the JP-8000's sonic palette.

By offering a potent blend of meticulously crafted samples, versatile instruments, and innovative features, the MoD JP-8000 sound library empowers producers and musicians to unlock the full sonic potential of the Roland JP-8000 within their productions.

Sample Size:  ( 1.8 GB ) 


Patches List:
1.JP-8000 Bass 1
2.JP-8000 Bass 2
3.JP-8000 Bass 3
4.JP-8000 Bass Pad 1
5.JP-8000 Bass Pad 2
6.JP-8000 Lead 1 Solo
7.JP-8000 Lead 1
8.JP-8000 Lead 2 Solo
9.JP-8000 Lead 2
10.JP-8000 Pad 1
11.JP-8000 Pad 2
12.JP-8000 Pad 3
13.JP-8000 Pluck Perc
14.JP-8000 Pluck
15.JP-8000 Sin Lead
16.JP-8000 SuperSaw Lead Classic
17.JP-8000 SuperSaw Lead Oct Classic
18.JP-8000 SuperSaw Lead Oct Rnd Classic
19.JP-8000 SuperSaw Lead Oct Rnd
20.JP-8000 SuperSaw Lead Oct
21.JP-8000 SuperSaw Lead Rnd Classic
22.JP-8000 SuperSaw Lead Rnd
23.JP-8000 SuperSaw Lead Solo Oct
24.JP-8000 SuperSaw Lead Solo
25.JP-8000 SuperSaw Lead
26.JP-8000 SuperSaw Pad Oct
27.JP-8000 SuperSaw Pad
28.JP-8000 SuperSaw Pluck Oct Rnd
29.JP-8000 SuperSaw Pluck Oct
30.JP-8000 SuperSaw Pluck Rnd
31.JP-8000 SuperSaw Pluck
32.JP-8000 Sync Lead 1 Rnd
33.JP-8000 Sync Lead 1 Solo Rnd
34.JP-8000 Sync Lead 1 Solo
35.JP-8000 Sync Lead 1
36.JP-8000 Sync Lead 2 Rnd
37.JP-8000 Sync Lead 2 Solo Rnd
38.JP-8000 Sync Lead 2 Solo
39.JP-8000 Sync Lead 2
40.JP-8000 Trance Lead 1 Oct Rnd
41.JP-8000 Trance Lead 1 Oct
42.JP-8000 Trance Lead 1 Rnd
43.JP-8000 Trance Lead 1
44.JP-8000 Trance Lead 2 Oct
45.JP-8000 Trance Lead 2
46.JP-8000 Trance Lead 3 Oct
47.JP-8000 Trance Lead 3
48.JP-8000 Trance Lead 4 Oct Rnd
49.JP-8000 Trance Lead 4 Oct
50.JP-8000 Trance Lead 4 Rnd
51.JP-8000 Trance Lead 4
52.JP-8000 Trance Lead 5 Oct Rnd
53.JP-8000 Trance Lead 5 Oct
54.JP-8000 Trance Lead 5 Rnd
55.JP-8000 Trance Lead 5

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