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DVK018 - Legendary Pads Expansion 03 - Nord Stage 3

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SKU: DVK018-ns3

Added by Davek

This new sound pack contains 34 mb of new samples that allow you to have in your Nord Stage 3 some wonderful analog and evolving pads with the characteristic sound of the most famous analog synthesizers in history (Ms20, Polysix, Monopoly, Juno60, Jupiter8, Prophet5, etc). All sounds have been carefully programmed to be extremely playable and have a strong sonic impact.
Patched and performed by Davide Puxeddu.


Patches List:
1. EXP03 JP8 Pd
2. EXP03 Polysix Pd
3. EXP03 Juno Bounce
4. EXP03 Supersaw
5. EXP03 Arp 2600 Pad
6. EXP03 Analog Pad
7. EXP03 Juno 106 Pad
8. EXP03 MS-20 Pulse
9. EXP03 Movement
10. EXP03 Poly Arpad
11. EXP03 The Church
12. EXP03 MonoPoly Square
13. EXP03 MonoPoly 4 Vco
14. EXP03 Prophet 6 Brass
15. EXP03 Oberheim Trance

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