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DVK027 - AcoustiX Samples Expansion 05 - Nord Electro 6

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SKU: DVK027-ne6

Added by Davek

AcoustiX EXP05 is a new sound pack entirely dedicated to acoustic guitars, nylon and more. It contains 25.3 mb of new customized samples, obtained by recording, with different microphone techniques, beautiful examples of acoustic guitars, nylon and 12 strings. Each sample was then optimized and processed, in order to ensure the lowest possible weight and the best quality ever. All patches have been carefully programmed to be extremely reproducible and to have a strong sonic impact. 20 new sounds ready to play !
Patched and performed by Davide Puxeddu.


Patches List:

1. EXP05 AcoustiX
2. EXP05 Martin Acoustic
3. EXP05 Taylor Acoustic
4. EXP05 Nylon DBL
5. EXP05 Acoustic 12
6. EXP05 Ac Guit 2
7. EXP05 Martin Compressed
8. EXP05 Taylor Chorus
9. EXP05 Nylon Guitar
10. EXP05 Martin Harmonic
11. EXP05 Martin Brh
12. EXP05 Nylon 2
13. EXP05 Martin Muted
14. EXP05 Western
15. EXP05 Ukulele
16. EXP05 Ac Guitar Full
17. EXP05 Chorus Fx
18. EXP05 Nylon Bossa
19. EXP05 Martin Muted 2
20. EXP05 Ac Live MW

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