DVK016 - Brass Samples Expansion 02 - Nord Electro 6

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Added by Davek

This collection is based on 32,6 mb of new samples captured from an entire section of ensemble brass.
All sounds have been carefully sampled and programmed to return the sonic peculiarities and playability of real instruments.
Patched and performed by Davide Puxeddu.


Patches List:

1. EXP02 Ensemble Brass
2. EXP02 Ensemble Brass 2
3. EXP02 Power Brass
4. EXP02 Power Brass 2
5. EXP02 Wide Brass
6. EXP02 Pop Brass
7. EXP02 Soft Trio
8. EXP02 Trumpet
9. EXP02 Accent Trio
10. EXP02 Mellow
11. EXP02 Wide Brass 2
12. EXP02 Pop Brass 2
13. EXP02 Stereo Brass
14. EXP02 Brass Octave
15. EXP02 Wide Ensemble

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