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SSX129 - The Massive Prophet - DSI Sequential Prophet 6 / Desktop

€14,00 €19,00

Added by Synthsound

This massive and powerful pack is made for the most demanding Sequential Prophet 6 users this collection extends its musical horizons, adding more versatility in musical genres. 25 new sounds not included in the various presets have been added: organs with a psychedelic character, famous arpeggiators, pads, leads suitable for rock and metal genre, too.This collection has been maniacally programmed from scratch by Alex Di Donna aka Synthsound.

Patches List:
000: The Depeche Arp
001: Beauty Delay Arps
002: Shining Moog
003: Korg Express Lead ( Vibrato on Aftertouch )
004: The Sirius Arp
005: Flanged Pig Riff ( Vibrato on Aftertouch )
006: Modular Lead ( Vibrato on Aftertouch )
007: Fuzzing Lead ( Vibrato on Aftertouch )
008: Planet X Arps
009: Demogorgon
010: Run Like a Lead (Filter Cutoff amount on Aftertouch )
011: Classic Sync Lead ( Vibrato on Aftertouch )
012: The Lost Island Patch
013: Groove & Destroy ( add FX )
014: Prog Metal Lead
015: Welcome Lead ( Vibrato on Aftertouch )
016: MMoog Lead
017: Psycho Echorec PF Organ ( LFO on Mod. Wheel / sound modulation on Aftertouch )
018: Stone Moog ( Vibrato on Aftertouch )
019: Empty Spaces
020: Chariots of Fire
021: Hymne
022: Sweep Noise Synth
023: Killer Pad
024: Jazz Guitar Synth

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