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LDX168 - Prophetica - DSI Sequential Prophet 6 / Desktop

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Added by Leadsounds

This awesome library adds creativity and power to your Sequential Prophet 6; it features new soundscape pads, classic pads, progressive and powerful leads useful in every musical context, pipe simulations, some industrial sound and so on... 32 new sounds ! Patched and performed by Stefano Angiulli.


Patches List:
1) Classic Bass Arp
2) Soft Lead
3) Large att arp
4) Aggressive Arp
5) Bells stack
6) Synth 70s Organ
7) Dirty Lead
8) Serious Attack pad
9) Flanger pad
10) Acid Poly Synth
11) Simil lead
12) Pulse pad
13) Long rel trance lead
14) Fantasy Lead
15) Stack'n block
16) Rythm El piano
17) Leading
18) Simple lead
19) Dark Arp
20) Multi Arp
21) Synth choir
22) Seq6 Arp
23) Flute organ
24) Solo Lead
25) Poly Fantasy
26) Lead
27) Slow pad
28) Espressive lead
29) Organ Lead
30) Synth strings
31) Like an Arp
32) Dark pad

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