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SSX100 - Synthologia V1 - Korg KARMA

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SKU: SSX100-karma

Added by Synthsound

A complete set of 115 sounds that includes Wizard DreamPlanet FusionSynth Class packs in one large bank. You will find a wide variety of sounds: from classic to 80-90's piano timbres; from vintage synth sounds inspired by the Moog products of Seventies (Pink FloydGenesisELPto modern ones inspired by the experience of artists like Dream TheaterSymphony X, Fates Warning, Transatlantic, OSI, Porcupine TreePlanet XNightwish,  etc... who started new trends in the concept of keyboard playing and a whole new sonic universe; finally, you'll find a series of "splits" and "patches" giving to keyboardists the ability of improvising while playing an accompaniment, just like a "one man band". Ideated, designed from scratch and performed by Alex Di Donna aka Synthsound.




Patches List: ( Program - E | Combi - F )
Liquid Lead
Liquid Wah
New Wah lead
Liquid Wah V3
Keytar Lead I
Keytar Lead II
Keytar Lead V3
Steel Lead
Steel Lead V3
Wiza-RA Lead
Wizard Lead
Wizard Groove
Wizard Moog I
Wizard Moog II
Pig Groove I
Pig Groove II
Pig Groove III
Pig Groove IV
Marimba Groove I
Marimba GrooveII
Marim.Gr V3 Sw2
Dream Ensemble
Wizard Strings
Clav Riff
Wizard Brass Pad
Continuum Pad
Continuum Pad V3
Over The Wizard
Noosed Lead
Soft Delay Lead
The Lead Debate
Hammer Perc. Sw2
Beyond The Pad
The Fatal Choir
Beyond the Brass
Acid Piano Solo
Pull the Split
Dance of Wiz.Sw2
Monster Lead
Planet MonsterV3
Key Solo  
Fuzz Lead
Fuzz Poly
Fuzz Mono V3
Fuzz Poly V3
Wave Filter
Universe Arp
Falling Pad
Planet Groove
Modular lead
Dream Seashore
Alien X Atmos
Monster King
Planet Groove V3
Rhodes Atmo Sw2
Acid Lead Sw2
Monster Solo sw2
Apocalypse Synth
Apocalypse V3
Wave Filter v4
Rhodes/Sitar Spl
Fusion Split
Fusion Split II
Perfect CX3
Reso Groove
Stereo Pan Brass
Nordlead I
Nordlead II
Nordlead III
Acid Groove
Atmos Split V3
Rhodes Wah Split
PWM Acid Fusion
Hammy Clone
New Wailing <+3>
DX7 Power Lead
VeloWha Lead
Dw8m Lead V3
More Soft Lead
Organ Groove
Hammy Clone II
Dw8m Basslead
Dw8m Saw Lead
Dw8m Square Lead
Dw8m PWM Lead
Shine II Lead
Oct.Strings Riff
FM Piano Riff
Dw8m Lead
Dw8m Lead II
Troy Horse Lead
JD Groove
Atmos Split
No End in ToTo
Echoes Patch Sw
Money sw1/-Y
Any Colour you
Shine On Patch
Shine Solo
Empty Spaces
JD Crunch75
JD Crunch75V3sw2
Ramnfire split
Metropolis 1
Metropolis 2
Jd Stack
Metro Stack
Take the Pad
Surrounded Split
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