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LFO050 - Karma / Sutra Soundset - Korg KARMA ( 128 presets )
LFO050 - Karma / Sutra Soundset - Korg KARMA ( 128 presets )
LFO050 - Karma / Sutra Soundset - Korg KARMA ( 128 presets )
LFO050 - Karma / Sutra Soundset - Korg KARMA ( 128 presets )
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LFO050 - Karma / Sutra Soundset - Korg KARMA ( 128 presets )

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For: Korg Karma
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Welcome to the long awaited soundset for magical Korg Karma by LFO Team !
Countless times you wrote us comments & feedbacks regaridng this machine and here it is:

Karma Sutra” Soundset with 128 Alive Organic Presets !

It took a long time (longer than ever) to make this soundset - we put all our effort for
sound programming, overall tone & using powerful Karma Engine.

We also heard a lot of feedbacks that Triton/Karma series sounds somehow weak & sterile.

So we made a research of how to make overall tone right - descision was found:
using 2 EQ's in series - graphic one & master eq.

Now Karma will sound warm, beautiful & authentic.

Inside soundset You will find:

Massive Big Strings
Various Cosmic & Planetary Pads
Deep & Alive Drones
Various Unusual Arps
Modular Melodic Sequences
Bass Lines
Edge Plucks
Voice Rhythms

Soundset working in two formats: SYSEX via Midi & PCG via Floppy Drive.
PDF booklet navigate you through the sounds & instructions of loading.

From Ambient & Electronica to SynthWave & SynthPop with benefits of phazeDistortion synthesis.

Made by Nick Klimenko aka Chronos, a creator of “Organica” for Waldorf Blofeld & “WS Universe” for Korg Wavestation

Enjoy and may the music come with you !


Patches List:
NK Entrance                         
NK Mosaic                     
NK Strata                        
NK Red Pluck            
NK Chordic Arp          
NK Crystalic                      
NK Magical              
NK Rhytmical                  
NK Sisters              
NK Sonata               
NK Sonata 2             
NK Stalactites          
NK Virus                                    
NK Harpic               
NK Tokyo                     
NK Magmatic             
NK Islands              
NK Members              
NK Soft Touch           
NK Hold 4               
NK Flanged Pad          
NK Solina               
NK Cave Drops           
NK Single Line          
NK Venus                
NK NorthernLight        
NK Modular              
NK Single Key                  
NK Hading                       
NK Sutra                
NK Laizy Sky            
NK Samurai              
NK A Letter                 
NK Angels               
NK Squares              
NK WaveFormer           
NK Delhi                
NK Karma                
NK West Coast           
NK Flutter                                    
NK LightSpeed           
NK Humana               
NK Bender Seq           
NK Free Field           
NK A Ladder             
NK Pluto                
NK Evening              
NK Forms                
NK HoldMaSample         
NK People               
NK Summer               
NK DropLine             
NK Endless              
NK Meta                 
NK Waters               
NK Particles            
NK Day By Day              
NK Echoes 7th           
NK VCO!                 
NK 2 Worlds             
NK Broken               
NK Juno Poly            
NK Synchro              
NK Sushi                
NK Rays                 
NK SunnyDay             
NK Touch Me             
NK Hanz Siren           
NK BeautyPoly                                
NK Base Swinger                            
NK GeishasSmile                          
NK Wired                              
NK Drive Line                           
NK PolyKeys                            
NK Major Reso                         
NK MountainView                   
NK Good Karma           
NK Danger                      
NK FilterWorks          
NK Acidia                         
NK Cinematic            
NK Rubber               
NK Saturn                        
NK Sphere               
NK TB On 3/4            
NK 303                  
NK Carbon               
NK Wobbler              
NK Happy Swinger        
NK LSD DSL              
NK Egregor                        
NK Roma                         
NK True Modeler         
NK Avangard                      
NK Rhytmo                              
NK Dana                               
NK Poly4Mono            
NK Chiller              
NK Morse                
NK Nice Man             
NK Chase                
NK Argon                
NK Vibra                
NK LibertyBird          
NK Chord Joy            
NK Vector               
NK Ups&Downs            
NK Syncopatic           
NK Rhytmical            
NK Memory               
NK Opener               
NK A Begining           
NK Granular             
NK Poly Mod             
NK Single Step          
NK Slow&Chordic                             
NK Many Notes                               
NK True Art                                  
NK Autumn Poly                                
NK Fields                                     
NK Solar                                      
NK Poly Stepper                               
NK Mono Interval                              
NK Base                                      
NK Shpongle                                  
NK Simon                                    
NK One Note Good                          
NK Detroit Poly                 

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