SCL260 - Prog Sound Pack V. 2 - Novation Ultranova / Mininova

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This sound pack is called "Prog Sound Pack Vol. 2" for Novation Ultranova/Mininova and contains 15 new sounds from Progressive Metal and Progressive Rock bands such as Frost*, Devin Townsend, Pain Of Salvation, and many others.

Designed and performed by Braulio Morales.


Patches List:
01.- Offer Your Lead (Offer Your Light - Devin Townsend)
02.- Eyewitness Pad (Eyewitness - Steven Wilson)
03.- The Lotus Organ (The Lotus Eater - Opeth)
04.- Harvest SoftLead (Harvest - Opeth)
05.- TheStrMustGoOn! (The Show Must Go On - Queen)
06.- Moonbabies Arp (Moonbabies - Planet X)
07.- Osiris' Porta Ld (Through Osiris' Eyes - Pagan's Mind)
08.- Follow Your Lead (Follow Your Way - Pagan's Mind)
09.- Exhibit A Lead (Exhibit A - Frost*)
10.- AcceleratorSynth (Accelerator - Pain Of Salvation)
11.- Accelerator Vc (Accelerator - Pain Of Salvation)
12.- Sideways Vocoder (Head Mounted Sideways - VOLA)
13.- Memo's Tabasco (Chili Guillermo - Cheeto's Magazine)
14.- Heartstrings Sth (Heartstrings - Frost*)
15.- Heartstrings Ld (Heartstrings - Frost*)

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