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SCL224 - Floydian Cover Pack - Yamaha MODX / MODX+

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SKU: SCL224-modx

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This pack is intended for those who love Pink Floyd music. It provides some looping samples and complex splits for your Yamaha MODX / MODX+ ... 23 new sounds !

Patched by Francesco Monaco.



Patches List:
USER1:001 --:The Wall Part2 FM - Samples on C1 C#1 D1 D#1 E1 F1 (Choir Boys)
USER1:002 --:Time Full Perf. FM - Samples on C6 ( Intro )
USER1:003 --:Breathe Full Perf FM - Samples on C1 (intro)
USER1:004 --:Wish you Where FM
USER1:005 --:Comfortably Full FM - Samples on C6 (Intro) / Samples on G5 (voice efx)
USER1:006 --:High Hopes Full FM - Samples on B0 (Bells)
USER1:007 --:Hey You Full FM - Samples on E5 (Mosquito efx)
USER1:008 --:Money Full Perf. FM - Samples on C6 (Intro)
USER1:009 --:Have a Cigar Full FM
USER1:010 --:Shine Full Perf FM
USER1:011 Or:Pink Hammond 1 FM
USER1:012 Or:Pink Hammond 2 FM
USER1:013 Or:Pink Hammond 3 FM
USER1:014 Bs:Time Bass 3VCO FM
USER1:015 Kb:Pink Wurly 1 FM
USER1:016 Br:Wish Brass PF FM
USER1:017 Pn:Pink Piano 1 FM
USER1:018 Pn:Echoes Piano FM
USER1:019 Kb:Pink Rhodes 1 FM
USER1:020 Ld:Shine on Lead FM
USER1:021 Pd:Shine Paad FM
USER1:022 SW:Money PF GrowlSax FM
USER1:023 Ld:Have a Lead PF FM

LIVE SETS: 001 PF Library FM

* N.B.: The samples contained in these sound libraries belong to the original artist. We do NOT own copyrights but use them for demonstration purposes since these samples are available on the web for free. We don't sell the samples but the patches only.

Yamaha ® is a registered trademark of Yamaha Corporation which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for