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SCL216 - Mex Pack - Nord Stage 3

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This sounds pack for Nord Stage 3 patched by Enzo Messina (keyboard player for Francesco Renga and Big Daddy Wilson) was created to meet the keyboardist's studio and live needs. From acoustic to electric pianos, from pads to leads...

"This Nord library is a collection of programs" 


Patches List (32 programs)

80 Piano
C64 Piano
Digi Strike
EGrand Pad
Hammond Drive
Mex Amber
Mex Bright
Mex Dyno
Mex EP1
Mex EP2
Mex Ep7
Mex Imperial
MEx Italian
Mex Lady D
Mex MK5
Mex NeferDist
Mex Organ Split
Mex Organ
Mex Silver Comp
Mex Studio
Mex Velvet
Mex White Organ
Mex White
Mex White-Organ
Mex White-Pad
Mex White-Strings
Mex Wurly
Space Piano
Super Lead
Synth Split 1
Synth Split 2
Wah Pedal Clav

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