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SCL152 - 62 Sounds - Making History Vol.1 - Korg Kross
SCL152 - 62 Sounds - Making History Vol.1 - Korg Kross
SCL152 - 62 Sounds - Making History Vol.1 - Korg Kross
SCL152 - 62 Sounds - Making History Vol.1 - Korg Kross
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SCL152 - 62 Sounds - Making History Vol.1 - Korg Kross

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Added by Syrion73


62 new patches for Korg Kross 1. 62 Sounds - Making History Vol.1 features patches inspired by some of the most important songs by rock giants Pink Floyd, Europe, Toto, Michael Jackson and many other artists of the 80's and 90's.


Patches List:
001 Moroder (Giorgio Moroder)
002 Tom Sawer (Rush_edit)
003 Africa (Toto)
004 1997 (Fuga da New York)
005 AxelF2 (Beverly Hills Cop)
006 Shine on You (Pink Floyd)
007 The Show Must Go... (Queen)
008 The Gold Bug (Alan Parsons P.)
009 Stop Loving You (Toto)
010 The Final Contdown (Europe)
011 Sirius (Alan Parsons P.)
012 Broken Wings (Mr. Mister)
013 Billie Jean (M. Jackson)
014 Carrie (Europe)
015 Starlight (Muse)
016 Thriller Theremin&Organ (M. Jackson)
017 PurpleOrgan (Deep Purple)
018 Thriller (M. Jackson) - SynthBass&Brass+vari
019 Thriller 2 (M. Jackson) - SynthBass+SynthBrass
020 High Hopes (Pink Floyd)
021 Mamma Mia/Radio Killed (Abba/The Bubbles)
022 Supersynth (Narcotic-Liquido)
023 Dirty Diana MJ (M. Jackson)
024 Mercy Piano (Muse) - Octave Piano
025 Mercy 2 (Muse) - SynthLFO
026 Eye In The Sky (Alan Parsons P.)
027 Bronsky Boy (Bronsky Beat)
028 JUMP (Van Halen)
029 Profondo Rosso (Goblin)
030 I Like Chopin (Gazebo)
031 The Night (Valerie Dore)
032 Last Christmas (G. Micheal)
033 Numb Piano (Linkin Park)
034 Mammagamma (A. Parsons)
035 PianoSynPad (Intro Art of Noise)
036 Numb (Linkin Park)
037 Maniac (Michael Sembello)
039 Acqua&Sapone (Stadio)
040 Happy Children (P. Lion) - Synth_Intro
041 Happy Child Sax
042 Nastro Rosa (Battisti)
043 Hypnotized (Pink Project)
044 Leave Me Alone MJ (M. Jackson)
045 Love Walks In (Van Halen)
046 Pad Magic Bells
047 Everybody Needs Some.. (The Blues Brothers)
048 One Vision (Queen)
049 whit or without you (U2)
050 Simply The Best (T. Turner)
051 Separate Ways (Journey)
052 Suspiria
053 The Wall (Pink Floyd)
054 Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)
055 Enola Gay (OMD)
056 Children (R. Miles)
057 Right Now (Van Halen)
058 Something Just Like This (ColdPlay)
059 Do IT Again (Steely Dan)
060 Flute Heaven (Led Zeppelin)
061 September (Earth, Wind & Fire)
062 Man In The Mirror MJ (M. Jackson)

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