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SCL095 - Killer Leads - V-Synth GT ( 17 presets )

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Added by Esioan 


This collection contains 17 Lead Patches for the V-Synth GT by Roland® created by Esioan. They range from distorted leads inspired by Derek Sherinian and Jordan Rudess' to b electonic/techno leads for several moods and styles. Also inculded is the classic lead sound from Queen's "I Want To Break Free".

With several types of control changes programmed into the patches using the pitchbend/mod joystick, D-Beam and expression pedal, you'll be able to create some wild and expressive bends, wahs and filter changes during your keyboard solos.


Patches List:
KL Beast
KL MiniBeast
KL Liquid8r
KL Liquid8r2
KL Liquid8r3
KL Doom 1
KL Doom 2
KL Syncrazor
KL Neon
KL Pizazz
KL Spazer
KL Gemini
KL Starlight
KL PhaseAttk
KL Pitch Sqr
KL Harmonize
KL BreakFree

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