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SCL008 - Metal Collection - KORG M3 / M50 / Krome / Krome Ex

€79,00 €99,00

Added by Shadystraz


Add 3 complete banks of power sounds to your Korg M3 / M50 / Krome / Krome Ex... a must have for every keyboard metal player. Check it out ! 263 Combis !!!


Patches List: ( COMBI - A )

Light Keys
Scary E.P
Ground E.P
Ice Keys
Scizzor Keys
Blunt Keys
Rez E.P
Beauty E.P
Damp Keys
Slow Keys
Nasty Keys
Cloud E.P
M33sy K3ys
Big E.P
Classic Keys
Reso Groove
Sine Groove
Pipe Groove
Brass Groove
Vocal Groove
Saw Groove
Square Groove
Solid Groove
Pulse Groove
Simple Groove
Synth Groove
String Groove
Classic Groove
Wah Groove
Big Groove
Smooth Lead
Wild Lead
Cool Lead SW2
Crazy Lead
Killer Wah
Twisted Lead
Electric Wah
Ice Lead
Distortion Lead
Silent Wah
Sparkling Lead
Transparent Lead
Blinding Wah
Warm Lead (SW2)
Deep Lead
Angry Lead
Walking Lead
Hot Wah
Silly Wah
Synth Lead
Fresh Lead
Slow Lead
Reverb Lead
Wah Sine
Mega Square
Strong Saw
Energy Lead
Filter Lead
Huge Wah
Crispy Lead
Dark Lead
Guitar Lead
Power Synth
True Power Lead
String Orchestra
Brass Orchestra
Choir Orchestra
Live Orchestra
Full Orchestra
Jazzy Organ
Clean Organ
Cranky Organ
Heavy Organ
Creamy Organ
Choked Organ
Bulky Organ
Sweet Organ
Towering Organ
Loaded Organ
Quiet Organ
Silent Organ
Mucky Organ
Organ Pad
Big Organ
Nice Pad
Long Pad
Boil Pad
Charm Pad
Altitude Pad
Drop Pad
Sizzle Pad
Flash Pad
Power Pad
Water Pad
Fire Pad
Sing Pad
Destruction Pad
High Hopes Solo
Electric Violin
Grand Piano
Classic Grand Piano
Upright Piano
Concert Grand Piano
Open Top Piano
Closed Top Piano
Rotary Piano
Reverse Piano
Wet Piano
Echo Piano (Tempo)
Flanged Piano
Supreme Piano
Mini Sweep
Sweeping Saw
Smooth Square
Pulsing Sweep
Synth Sweep
Detuned Sweep
Shooting Sine
Flowing Organ
Life Lead
Surface Lead
Bold Rhythm
Sunny Rhythm
Rusty Rhythm
Loud Rhythm

( COMBI - B ) 

Blast Rhythm
Swirly Rhythm
Spikey Rhythm
Dirt Rhythm
Trapped Rhythm
Deep Rhythm
Burnt Rhythm
Happy Rhythm
Loaded Rhythm
Choked Rhythm
Plain Rhythm
Smooth Solo
Bell Solo
Crystal Solo
Vocal Solo
Rain Solo
Strange Solo
Heavy Solo
Harp Solo
Exploding Solo
Striking Solo
Orchestra Strings
Clean Strings
Fresh Strings
Violin Strings
Octave Strings
Big Strings
Pitch Strings
Live Strings
Light Strings
Single Strings
String Shots
Stringed Synth
String Pad
Intro Strings
Lead Strings
Power Sync
Big Sync
Sync Lead
Digi Sync
Deep Sync
Soft Sync
Sync Pad
Sync Riff
Sync Strings
Killer Sync Wah
Big Bass
Deep Bass
Power Bass
Electric Bass
Cool Fretless
Driven Bass
Smooth Bass
Killer Bass
Flange Bass
Sky Bass
Weird Bass
Echo Bass
Ambient Bass
Sour Bass
Plasma Bass
Orchestral Vocals
Flanged Vocals
Power Vocals
Screaming Vocals
Eastern Vocals
Modern Choir
Rock Choir
One Man Choir
One Woman Choir
Dreaming Vocals
slacoV drawkcaB
Echoed Choir
Slow Vocals
Harmonised Vocals
Midnight Choir

( COMBI - C )

Flame Lead
Bullet Lead
Trojan Lead
Gold Lead
Natural Lead
Bouncing Bass
Awakened Bass
Metal Gear Theme
Cloud Flute Lead
Stoney Rhythm
Cool Vocals
Power Strings
Digital Strings
Desert Pad
Filtered Strings
Harpsi+Pipe Organ
CP Electric
Electric Fuzz
Fruity Keys (SW2)
Grand Piano
Soft Saw
Flanged Cough
Heavy Saw
Flanged Stones
Rainbow Lead
Ice Sweep (JS-Y)
Detuned Flame
Fuzzed Sine
Pipe Organ
Woodland Bells
Synth Brass SW2
Dream Synth Bells
Simple Sine
Silver Wind
Forest Echo
Sunny Keys
Fresh Tubes
Phantom Bells
Echo Blue Bells
Smooth Strings
Plucked Water SW2
Liquid Voices
Synth Bass
Fresh Bells
Flood Sweep
Liquid Echo
Chunky Rhythm
20-20 Lead
Synth Sine Lead
Crunchy Wah
Metallic Rhythm
Liquid Keys
Big Sine
Crying Wah
Sky Lead
Milky Strings SW2
Crystal Bell
Star Lead

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