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PSL004 - The Best of CP - Yamaha S975 / S970 / S770
PSL004 - The Best of CP - Yamaha S975 / S970 / S770
PSL004 - The Best of CP - Yamaha S975 / S970 / S770
PSL004 - The Best of CP - Yamaha S975 / S970 / S770
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PSL004 - The Best of CP - Yamaha S975 / S970 / S770

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The Best of CP - Yamaha S975 / S970 / S770 - Description

Immerse yourself in the iconic sonic heritage of CP and YC series pianos with our deep designed sound pack. This collection captures the essence of these legendary instruments, renowned for their rich, expressive tones.

Experience the unmistakable warmth and dynamism that have made CP and YC pianos a cornerstone of countless musical genres, from classical to cutting-edge electronic.

Empower your musical creations with this versatile pack, designed for musicians of all levels. Each meticulously crafted sound has been expertly sampled and engineered to deliver unparalleled fidelity, ensuring you have the perfect sonic palette for any creative vision. Effortlessly integrate these sounds into your workflow and unleash the timeless elegance of the CP and YC legacy.

This pack seamlessly integrates with your favorite Yamaha keyboards – the Genos Series, S975/S970/S770, SX700, SX900, and even the Tyros 5.

"Effortless setup, endless inspiration – that's the beauty of it".

Sample Size: 345 MB

The Best of CP Yamaha S975 S970 S770


Patches List:

Drum Kit:

Dyno! NashvilleDrumKit
Dyno! NewOakCustomKit

Natural! Voice:

YC C7 Piano
YC C7 Piano BR
YC C7 Piano Ballad
YC Iimperial Piano
YC S700 Piano
YC CFX Piano
YC DX Crisp
YC DX Fiftle
YC DX Legend
YC DX Mellow
YC DX Woody
KG ST Fantasy
YC DX Crisp Exp
YC DX Crisp Ballad
YC DX Crisp Produc
YC DX Fiftle 1
YC DX Fiftle 2
YC DX Fiftle Pop
YC DX Fiftle Ballad
YC DX 80s
YC DX L Ballad
YC DX 70s Ballad
YC DX Slow
YC DX Mw Ballad
YC DX 80s Mw
YC DX Woody Park
YC DX Woody In
YC DX 7 Analog
YC DX 7 Prod
YC DX 7 Digi
NR Ballad EP
NR Ballad EP2
NR Silver EP
NR Hybrid EP
NR Ballad EP1
NR Ballad EP3
NR Ballad NC
NR Hybrid A

Yamaha ® is a registered trademark of Yamaha Corporation which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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