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PSL002 - G-SUPER X Pack - Yamaha PSR SX900
PSL002 - G-SUPER X Pack - Yamaha PSR SX900
PSL002 - G-SUPER X Pack - Yamaha PSR SX900
PSL002 - G-SUPER X Pack - Yamaha PSR SX900
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PSL002 - G-SUPER X Pack - Yamaha PSR SX900

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G-SUPER X Pack - Yamaha PSR SX900 - Description

The G-Super X pack for Yamaha PSR SX900 elevates the already remarkable features of our flagship "Complete" package to new heights. Every sound in this collection has been meticulously enhanced, reflecting our unwavering commitment to achieving sonic perfection. Whether you're a professional musician or an avid hobbyist, the G-Super X pack offers an expansive range of tones and textures that cater to diverse musical styles. This innovative compilation includes the latest Super Voice, Natural, Dyno, and Real sounds, ensuring that each note you play is rich, vibrant, and true to its intended character.

With the G-Super X pack, you'll experience a level of audio fidelity that is unmatched. The Super Voice sounds bring a dynamic and expressive quality to your performances, while the Natural voices capture the authentic essence of acoustic instruments. The Dyno sounds offer a unique and vintage touch, perfect for genres that require a distinct character, and the Real sounds deliver an astonishingly lifelike auditory experience. This comprehensive sound pack transforms the Yamaha PSR SX900 into a versatile powerhouse, providing an unparalleled auditory experience that inspires creativity and elevates your music to professional standards.

G SUPER X Pack Yamaha PSR SX900

 " It is fully compatible for PSR SX900 only "

Patches List:

Drum Kit:

Dyno! AfroCubanKit
Dyno! VintageMutedKit
Dyno! BrazilKit
Dyno! VintageOpenKit
Dyno! JazzStick
Dyno! JazzBrushExpanded
Dyno! JazzBrushKitComp
Dyno! CompLatinKit

Super! Voice:

SV! D-FolkGuitar
SV! D&HardFolkTwin1
SV! D&WarmFolkTwin1
SV! D&HardFolkTwin2
SV! D&WarmFolkTwin2
SV! SteelAcousticFinger
SV! SteelAcThumbPick
SV! 12StringPickTwin1
SV! 12StringPickTwin2
SV! ActiveBassFingHarm
SV! ActiveBassFingSlap
SV! ActiveBassPick
SV! ActiveBassPickOpen
SV! ActiveBassPickMute
SV! ActiveBassSlap
SV! ActiveBassFingHmrOn
SV! ActiveBassPickHmrOn
SV! KinoSmall
SV! KinoLarge
SV! Banjo
SV! Mandolin

Natural! Voice:

Natural! CFX ConcertGrand
Natural! CFX PianoPadProduction
Natural! CFX StageGrand
Natural! CFX AmbientGrand
Natural! CFX BalladMix1
Natural! CFX BalladMix2
Natural! CFX WarmPad
Natural! C7 StudioGrand
Natural! C7 PopGrand
Natural! C7 WarmGrand
Natural! C7 SuperstarGrand
Natural! C7 Celestia
Natural! C7 Atmosphere
Natural! C7 CarillonPad
Natural! C7 PadProduction
CP ElectricPiano
CP Trm
CP Production
Natural! Cello
Natural! Kino Strings
Natural! KinoStringsDisco
Natural! KinoStringsSlow
Natural! KinoStringsStacatto
Natural! KinoStringsWarm
Natural! KinoStringsNatural
Natural! KinoBass
Natural! Jazz Violín
Natural! SopranoSax
Natural! Flugelhorn
Natural! Harmonic
Natural! Irish Pipe
Natural! Jazz Flute
Natural! Flute Classic
Natural! Flute Latin
Natural! PanFluteSingle
Natural! PanFluteArt
Natural! PanFlutePick
Natural! PanFluteGli
Natural! Trombone
Natural! AltoSax Single
Natural! BigB Alto Sax
Natural! BigB Alto Fall
Natural! Smooth Tenor Sax
Natural! Clarinet
Nautral! MuteTrump
Natural! MuteSingle

Real! Voice:

Real! DX Production
Real! DX Ballad
Real! DX Ballad2
Real! TX Bright
Real! TX Spacial
Real! TX Mellow
Real! TX Ballad
Real! DX Ballad Fg
Real! 70sSuitcaseClean
Real! 70sSuitcaseAmped
Real! 70sSuitcaseBallad
Real! 70sSuitcaseDist
Real! 70sSuitcaseN
Real! 70sSuitcaseNBallad
Real! 70sSuitcaseNC
Real! 70sSuitcaseWorship
Real! 70sSuitcaseNT
Real! 70sSuitcaseNF
Real! Trumpet Single
Real! BalladSopranoSax
Real! Trumpet Concert
Real! TrumpetBigB
Real! ResonatorBluesGuitar
Real! Mandolin
Real! Slide Mandolin
Real! Mandolin S.A
Real! Banjo
Real! Slide Banjo
Real! SteelAcousticFg
Real! FolkGuitar
Real! FolkGuitar Single
Real! FolkGuitar Mute
Real 12StringPick
Real 12StringPickSingle
Real! Sterischearmonika
Real! Scots Acordion
Mini Classic
Mini Classic V+
Mini Classic Ope
OB ScoopFanfare

Yamaha ® is a registered trademark of Yamaha Corporation which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for


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