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PC4020 - Rock & Vasco Pack - Kurzweil PC4 Series

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This collection for Kurzweil PC4 has been developed to make playable many good sounds used by Alberto Rocchetti in his live concerts with Vasco Rossi, making them as similar in all their characteristics. Hearing the discography of the rocker, we have selected sounds paying attention both historic songs and new hits. 26 new sounds programmed and performed by Andrea De Paoli.


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Patches List:

4096 Lunatica Intro
4097 Lunatica Song
4098 Lo Show
4099 Rocchetti organ
4100 Albachiara Piano
4101 Rewind Hammond
4102 C'è chi dice Sy
4103 Stupendo PadPiano
4104 Sally PianoStr
4105 Brava Giulia Pad
4106 Splendida Piano
4107 Splendida Lead
4108 Vivere Strings
4109 La Nostra Strings
4110 Bollicine
4111 Colpa Synth
4112 Senza Parole Pad
4113 Ogni Volta
4114 Ciao
4115 Sono Innocente
4116 Vasco Pad
4117 Vasco 80 Brass
4118 Vita Acustica
4119 Vasco Pad 80
4120 Vasco Old Guitar
4121 Lo Show 2

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