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MDL002 - Snare Vintage Drum Machines with Hardware Reverbs - N.I. Battery 4
MDL002 - Snare Vintage Drum Machines with Hardware Reverbs - N.I. Battery 4
MDL002 - Snare Vintage Drum Machines with Hardware Reverbs - N.I. Battery 4
MDL002 - Snare Vintage Drum Machines with Hardware Reverbs - N.I. Battery 4
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MDL002 - Snare Vintage Drum Machines with Hardware Reverbs - N.I. Battery 4

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This unique expansion for Native Instruments Battery 4 offers a meticulously curated collection of 100 snare sounds sourced from a variety of classic drum machines. Each snare has been meticulously processed through a revered Lexicon PCM-81 hardware effects processor, employing meticulously chosen reverb presets specifically tailored to enhance snare character.

The included reverb palette boasts a diverse selection:

  • BigBoomRoom (100): Creates a cavernous, expansive ambience ideal for dramatic snare swells.
  • Chorus Plate (snares 041-100): Combines a lush plate reverb with subtle chorus modulation, adding a vintage warmth and shimmer to the later half of the snare library.
  • Chorus Room (snares 001-040): Offers a more intimate room reverb treatment with a touch of chorus, lending character to the initial snares.
  • EnvChamber (100): This preset utilizes an envelope-controlled chamber reverb, allowing for nuanced and dynamic reverb tails.
  • Gate Chamber (100): Employs a gated chamber reverb for a tight, punchy effect that sits well in a mix.
  • Plate Ek4Dr (100): A classic plate reverb setting, delivering a rich, authentic vintage character.
  • Wide Chamber (100): Provides a spacious, airy chamber reverb for a more expansive snare sound.

All reverb effects were meticulously captured through the Lexicon PCM-81's pristine analog outputs in high-fidelity 96kHz/24-bit WAV format. For each set of 100 snare sounds, five unique reverb variations were recorded, enriching the sonic palette. These meticulously processed snares are presented in Battery 4's "Cycle RR" playback mode, assigned to a dedicated "Wet" bus. Additionally, the original, unprocessed snare sounds are provided on a separate "Dry" bus, allowing you to precisely blend the desired amount of reverb for an authentic hardware-processed sound.

Please note: The included demo audio showcases a select few snare sounds with accentuated reverb levels for clearer audibility.

System Requirements: Snare Vintage Drum Machines with Hardware Reverbs requires Native Instruments Battery 4.3.0 or higher.

 There are two types of patches.

 1. “Snare Vintage Drum Machines with Hardware Reverbs” (sorting by snares).

Patches from the "SVDMHR 001-100" folder includes one snare sound + all types of reverb.

100 patches SVDMHR (001-100)

Description of the reverb type and their assignment to the keys:

  • Note key C1 – BigBoomRoom
  • Note key D1 – Chorus Room (001-040), Chorus Plate (041-100)
  • Note key E1 – EnvChamber
  • Note key F1 – Gate Chamber
  • Note key G1 – Plate Ek4Dr
  • Note key A1 – Wide Chamber
  • Note key B1 – Dry Snare

2. “Snare Vintage Drum Machines with Hardware Reverbs” (sorting by reverb type).

"SVDMHR + reverb type name" patch (eg SVDMHR BigBoomRoom 001-010) includes 10 different snare sounds + one reverb type.

  • 10 patches «SVDMHR BigBoomRoom»
  • 10 patches «SVDMHR Chorus Plate (041-100)»
  • 10 patches «SVDMHR Chorus Room (001-040)»
  • 10 patches «SVDMHR EnvChamber»
  • 10 patches «SVDMHR Gate Chamber»
  • 10 patches «SVDMHR Plate Ek4Dr»
  • 10 patches «SVDMHR Wide Chamber»

          Assigned to the notes C1, D1, E1, F1, G1, A1, B1, C2, D2, E2.

 "Snare Vintage Drum Machines with Hardware Reverbs" allows you to use the recorded Lexicon PCM-81 reverbs for this kit with any other snare drum.

To do this you need:

load a patch from this library into Batrtery 4;

in your DAW, copy the midi snare drum part you want to process to the Battery 4 track with “Snare Vintage Drum Machines with Hardware Reverbs” loaded into it.;

mute the dry snare sound cell (red button), leaving only the reverb sounds in Cycle RR mode, that you want to mix with any other drum sound (or simply set the dry snare level in the Buses "Dry" section to -inf and set the "Wet" bus to 0 db);

load different patches with dry snares muted, leaving only the reverb sounds until you find the processing you want for any snare (or other) drum from your project in your DAW.

Product Details:

• 2.3 Gb

• 96kHz/24-Bit

• 160 Patches (Kits) for NI Battery 4, consisting of 3100 Wav files

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