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LDX301 - 48 Sounds - Making History Vol.1 - Yamaha MODX / MODX+

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48 Sounds - Making History Vol.1 features patches inspired by some of the most important songs by the rock giants like Michael JacksonEuropeMuseEurythmicsToto, Queen and many other artists through 80's and 90's
The sounds are implemented by features that you can activate in the indicated ways ( video demo ). Enjoy these 48 new patches ! 

Enjoy this extraordinary collection full of hits !
Patched and performed by Alberto Trullu for Leadsounds.



Patches List:
Games People Play In
On The Loose FIX
On the loose fix dry
No Alibis C2 BASS
The Tubes Beauty A2
The Tubes LFO
The Tubes Fm lfo
Total eclipse Synth Brass
Feels so Good
Pretending Synth Bass
Games People Play In B2 loop
Thriller Synth Brass
Home Of The Brave
Muse- Hysteria
Muse- Time is running out
Billie Jean
Rosanna Piano Organ brass split
Goodbye Girl Intro split
Goodbye Girl piano
Goodbye Girl Brass Section
No Easy way out intro (with Arpeggio)
No easy way out chorus
Who Want To Live Forever
The Show Must Go on
Africa Intro
One Vision Intro
I Just Died in your arms
80 stack
Radio Gaga
Footloose - Never Intro
You know my name - Orchestra section
Lemon Tree
Sweet Dreams
Tom Sawyer Synth Bass
Carrie DX piano
Liquido Narcotic Lead
Another Day in Paradise
Owner of a Lonely Heart
The Final Countdown
The Final Countdouwn Organ
The final countdown Bell
The final countdown Voice
Toto Rock Piano
Wakeman - Jane Seymour Pipe organ section

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