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LDX165 - Essential Voices - Nord Wave 2

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SKU: LDX165-nw2

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Essential Voices is a custom sounds library for Nord Wave 2 created to meet the studio and live needs of those who need a wide range of organs, strings and pads. An essential collection for owners of Nord Wave 2... 25 new sounds !

"This library is a collection of programs and samples" 


Patches List:
1) 80dx e pad
2) Hip
3) Lop
4) FF
5) Ac str
6) Brass full
7) Choir
8) Fantasy
9) Fisa Nom
10) Flute pan
11) Harp
12) Lead mini
13) MK 80
14) Mute Ch mlo
15) Org ch
16) Org Wh
17) Organo R
18) Paddone
19) Piano el
20) Poly synth
21) Sitar indy
22) String leg
23) Strings oct
24) Super choir
25) Superbrass

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