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LDX156 - PF Cover Pack - Nord Stage 2 / 2 EX

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SKU: LDX156-ns2

Added by Fabio

A collection of sounds inspired by the most famous songs by Pink Floyd, for the Nord Stage 2/ 2 ex series38 new patches programmed by Fabio Piras.

"This Nord library is a collection of programs and samples organized in separate bundles. However, we provide to you the individual programs and samples"  


Patches List : ( Program Bank - A )
01:1 Shine pad e lead
01:2 Shine pad e bell
01:3 Shine organ e lead
01:4 Shine Part2 Wind
01:5 Shine Part2 lead
02:1 Shine org piano lead
02:2 Time Intro
02:3 Time Wurli
02:4 Time Organ
02:5 Echoes Piano
03:1 Echoes Piano e organ
03:2 Echoes Farfisa
03:3 Echoes dist org
03:4 The great piano
03:5 The great piano org
04:1 Money wah Wurly
04:2 Pigs Intro
04:3 Us and Them Choir
04:4 Us and Them organ
04:5 Us a T Org e piano
05:1 It's What we do MW*
05:2 Any colour lead
05:3 Breathe Guitar
05:4 A Saucerful organ
05:5 Lost F Words Pad
06:1 Coming Back Pad
06:2 Cluster pad e piano
06:3 wish you synth
06:4 Comfortably string1
06:5 Comfortably string2
07:1 Have a cigar lead
07:2 Mother organ
07:3 In the flesh org
07:4 In the flesh 2
07:5 Hey you el. piano
08:1 High hopes intro
08:2 High hopes strings
08:3 Another b. Choir

*MW = modulation wheel

* N.B.: The samples contained in these sound libraries belong to the original artist. We do NOT own copyrights but use them for demonstration purposes since these samples are available on the web for free. We don't sell the samples but the patches only.


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