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LDX019 - Monster Pack ( Leads + DT Covers + Bonus Wakeman Pack ) - Korg Kross / Kross 2

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SKU: LDX019-kross

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A collection of lead sounds for the Korg Kross / Kross 2 + bonus cover packs / DT Covers + Bonus R.Wakeman pack... over a bank of new sounds ! 


Leads Pack:

A great collection of aggressive leads and soft plucked synths, this pack pushes your Korg Kross over the edge of its capabilities... 10 new patches.

Patches List:
00: Planet Wah Lead
01: Liquid Lead
02: Velo harmonics & Wah
03: DW8000 + Dist Lead
04: Power Velo Lead
05: Analog Square Lead
06: Key Solo
07: Resosphere
08: New Wizard Lead
09: Analog Octa Lead

Dream Theater complete album cover packs:
I&W Cover Collection ( Images & Words )
ACOS Cover Collection ( A Change of Seasons )
SFAM Cover Collection ( Scenes From a Memory )

RA Complete song cover pack ( J.Rudess )

BONUS - Wakeman Cover Pack ( R.Wakeman )
!flut intro
merlinlead split
piano str
MerlIn stack
pad strings 

N.B. + Scarred Pack - Korg Kross bonus pack only for Korg Kross 1

Note: Backing tracks in the videos are for demonstration purposes only and are not included in the sound pack.

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