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ITB011 - Brutalized - Yamaha MONTAGE / M ( 35 presets )
ITB011 - Brutalized - Yamaha MONTAGE / M ( 35 presets )
ITB011 - Brutalized - Yamaha MONTAGE / M ( 35 presets )
ITB011 - Brutalized - Yamaha MONTAGE / M ( 35 presets )
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ITB011 - Brutalized - Yamaha MONTAGE / M ( 35 presets )

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It all started when Yamaha MONTAGE / M met a particularly brute family of analog synths. The raw honesty, unpredictability and pure analog awesomeness of these beasts are like nothing else in the synthesizer world and have earned them a special place in the hearts of the synthesizing community worldwide. Now a part of it has been brought to your Yamaha MONTAGE in the form of 35 custom crafted performances - 16 leads, 9 basses, 1 pad, 4 effects and 5 drum kits.

All of these purely analog sounds have been Montagefied with reverbs, delays, choruses, flangers or ring modulators, but we kept the filter as close as possible to the original analog one. Below you can find a full list with performance names and assigned controls. For the drum kits however, we took a special approach - we disconnected the Assign Knobs from the Super Knob and assigned the first four of them to Delay Amount, Delay Time, Reverb Time and Reverb Amount. We believe this will give you the best control over the sound of your analog drums.


Patches List:

001 Ld:Altoona PA
002 Ld:Bullied
003 Ld:Da Marksman
004 Ld:Brutal Sticks
005 Ld:Disguise
006 Ld:Inn&Mill
007 Ld:Joshua
008 Ld:Nineties
009 Ld:Railroad str.
010 Ld:Rave-a-Thon
011 Ld:Ring Dem
012 Ld:Sickenin'
013 Ld:Spotless
014 Ld:Troublemaker
015 Ld:Virgin
016 Ld:Wash&Wax
017 Bs:Phat Acid
018 Bs:Theen Acid
019 Bs:Da Goat
020 Bs:Incise
021 Bs:Invasion
022 Bs:Rice
023 Bs:Vigorous
024 Bs:Anxious
025 Bs:Breakout
026 Pd:Twinz
027 Me:Cowbird
028 Me:Infinite
029 Me:Schizoid
030 Me:Scramble
031 Dr:Analog
032 Dr:Lilac
033 Dr:Concentral
034 Dr:Selfish
035 Dr:Lush

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