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GNL013 - Symphonic Strings - Yamaha GENOS / 2 ( 60 presets )
GNL013 - Symphonic Strings - Yamaha GENOS / 2 ( 60 presets )
GNL013 - Symphonic Strings - Yamaha GENOS / 2 ( 60 presets )
GNL013 - Symphonic Strings - Yamaha GENOS / 2 ( 60 presets )
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GNL013 - Symphonic Strings - Yamaha GENOS / 2 ( 60 presets )

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A collection of Strings samples both in "ensemble" and "solo" versions, suitable for perfectly integrating what is already offered by Yamaha arrangers. The ensemble versions offer warm and enveloping sounds suitable for any musical genre, in particular as string carpets for orchestral pieces or "Morricone" style soundtracks. The "solo" versions, on the other hand, are characterized by a very high level of detail with the possibility of being performed in mono, ideal for adding melodies to your performances... 60 new sounds !!!

Samples Size: 430 MB

These products are also compatible with ( PSR SX 700 - 900 Series / Tyros 5 )


Patches List:
Emotive String
Love Strings
Rlcky'a Strings
Cathedral Strings
Vibrato String
Tremolo String
Symphony String
Bow Strings
Regal String
Real strings
Softer Strings
Solo Cello
Solo Chamber
Solo Viola
Solo Violin
String Bass
Strings Orchestra
Sustained Strings
Tremolo Strings 1
Tremolo Strings 2
Strings - Vlolin Solo
Vlolin 1
Vlolin 2
Vlolin 3
Vlolin Legato
Vlolin Pizzicato
Vlolin Tremolo
Two Violins
Vlolin Ensemble
Vlolins Octave
Viola 1
Viola 2
Viola 3
Vln+Vlola Unison
Vln+Vlola Oct
Vin ll+Vlola Unison
Vlolin Velo
Vlolins Pizzicato
Vlolins Short
Vlolins Tremolo
Arco Celli
Arco Strings
Arco Vlolas
Arco Vlolins
Cadenza Cello
Cadenza Strings
Cadenza Viola
Cadenza Violin
Pizz Strings
Pizz Viola
Pizz Vlolas
Pizz Vlolln
Pizz Vlollns

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