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GNL006 - Modern Pianos - Yamaha GENOS / 2

€49,00 €59,00
SKU: GNL006-genos

A collection of 43 sounds of the most famous concert pianos from all over the world sampled directly from instruments in perfect technical / structural condition and expertly tuned by specialized technicians.
They are presented in various configurations, both single and in layers with other sounds present by default on the GENOS / 2 or lower series.

Samples Size: 206 MB

These products are also compatible with ( PSR SX 700 - 900 Series / Tyros 5 )


Patches List:
USA Grand
USA Soft
USA Bright
USA Whide
USA Baby 1
USA Baby 2
USA Upright
USA Upright Mellow
USA Upright Bright
USA Upright Saloon
USA Upright Layered
USA Upright Pad
Italian Grand
Italian Bright
Italian Soft
Italian Ballad
Italian Pop
Italian Electric
Italian Pad
Italian Cinema
Italian Rock
East Grand
East Bright
East Soft
East And Rhodes
East – DX7
East And Strings
East Pad
JapanK Piano
JapanK Soft
JapanK Bright
JapanK & Rodes
JapanK & Rodes 2
JapanK & DX Piano
JapanK & Strings
JapanK & Pad
JapanY Grand Piano
JapanY Bright
JapanY Mellow
JapanY & Rodes
JapanY DX Piano
JapanY & Strings
JapanY & Pad

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