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GNL004 - Northern Leads - Yamaha TYROS 5

€49,00 €59,00
SKU: GNL004-tyros5

A collection of 64 sounds inspired by Nord synthesizers, used for the most varied musical productions.
Layered sounds are also inserted to exploit all the potential of TYROS 5.

Samples Size: 228 MB

These products are also compatible with ( PSR SX 700 - 900 Series / Tyros 5 )


Patches List:
Power Lead Detune 1
Power Lead Detune 3
Saw Lead Detune 1
Saw Lead Detune 4
Double Saw
Saw Fifths
Square Lead Detune
Double Square
Tune It Please
Square Voice Lead 1
Square Fifths
Cool Saw
Slow Saw
Attak Synth
Bass Synth
Multiwave Drive
Magic Synth 1
Talk 2 Me
Fast Sinth
Fater than Fat
Fat Fifths
Trance Lead 1
Trance Lead 2
Trance Unison
Drive Nord 1
Drive Nord 2
Drive Nord 3
Drive Nord 4
Drive Nord 5
Drive Synth 2
Drive Mono Fat
Simple Synth
Simple Voice 1
Simple Voice 2
Simple Voice 3
Simple Voice 6
Simple Voice 7
Simple Fifth
FM Sinth 1
FM Sinth 4
Vintage Nord 1
Vintage Nord 2
Vintage Nord 3
Vintage Nord 8
Vintage Fat
Shaking Complex 1
Shaking Synth 1
Classic Organ
Organ 1 Vib
Organ 2
Organ 3 Vib
Organ 4
Organ 5 Vib
Pick Organ
Saw Organ Vib
Full Organ
Organ Fifths
Organ Bell Synth
Fantasy Bells 1
Nord Bells 1
Nord Bells 2 Vib
Nord Bells 3
Nord Bells 4 Vib
Nord Bells 6 Vib

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