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ASL044 - Core Extended Custom Library - Yamaha TYROS 5 ( 20 voices )

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SKU: ASL044-tyros

Added by Anthony

This amazing library is based on the AWM Synthesis of Yamaha GENOS / PSR SX Series / TYROS 5, using internal resources. No samples !

These 20 new user voices are edited, changing envelope, filters and FXs. Useful in every musical context. 

N.B. Donʼt need to install with Yamaha Expansion Manager. Just copy FM Extended Folder into your usb drive and load into your instrument, just copy in your user memory.

Patches List (20 user voices):
Astralia X
Ballad Hit Ep X
Churchill Pad X
Cloudy Analog Pad X
Complex Evo Pad X
Drop of Water X
Flanged DX Pad X
Funk Autowah X
George Acid Ep X
Grooving Phased X
Heim Dry Pad X
In the Bloom Keys X
LightSweep Pad X
Millenium Pad X
Polyking X
Skull Funk X
Smashed Choir X
Square Quark Pad X
WarmAnalog Pad X

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