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DRS005 - Piano Anthology - Kurzweil PC4 Series

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Piano Anthology is a collection of 26 timbres programmed for the Kurzweil PC4. They are inspired by the most used acoustic and electric piano sounds. Also features 2 bonus packs: Contemporary Piano - C Seven edition and Dx Monster - Fm Bonus Sound Bank.


Sound Banks recommended by KURZWEIL


Patches List:

4196 Steinway Grand
4197 Steinway Bright
4198 Steinway Mellow
4199 Steinway Dark
4100 Bright Grand
4101 Chateau Grand
4102 EP Tremolo
4103 DX7 EP
4104 Wurlitzer
4105 Rhodes Bright
4106 Rhodes SlowTrem
4107 EP Bright
4108 Real Rhodes EP
4109 Harpsichord
4110 Vintage Piano
4111 K26 EP Rom
4112 EPiano K2600 Vibes
4113 Tine EPiano
4114 Mallet EPiano
4115 Piano FM
4116 EPiano FM
4117 Sweet FM EPiano
4118 FM Clav
4119 FM EP Tremolo
4120 FM DX Style
4121 FM EP+Strings


Contemporary Piano - C Seven edition
Dx Monster - Fm Bonus Sound Bank ( Over 5 banks of FM sounds / programs )

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