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DKS007 - DKS Custom Library - Fantom-0

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From pads to leads, from strings to pianos: 27 awesome warm, analog & deep sounds immediately ready to go in your Fantom-0 by Roland®.

" N.B. This sound bank requires latest Operating System; no needs EXZ or EXM expansions "


Patches List:

DKS Big Pad 1
DKS Slow Pad 1
DKS Pluck 1
DKS Big Pad 2
DKS FM Piano 1
DKS Fantasia
DKS Lead 1
DKS Pluck Syn 1
DKS Dulcimer Synth
DKS Big Pad 3
DKS Slow Pad 2
DKS Big Choir 06
DKS Analog Synth
DKS Groove Synth
DKS Ambient Pad
DKS Puls Piano 06
DKS Loooong Pad
DKS MK80 Chorus
DKS Step LFO Pad
DKS Soft Keys
DKS Vntg Str 06
DKS 80’s FM EP
DKS Lead EVO 06
DKS Syn Brass 06
DKS Piano Pad 06
DKS Full Str 06

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