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User Doctor - Installation Service ( Korg Kronos Series )
User Doctor - Installation Service ( Korg Kronos Series )
User Doctor - Installation Service ( Korg Kronos Series )
User Doctor - Installation Service ( Korg Kronos Series )
User Doctor
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User Doctor - Installation Service ( Korg Kronos Series )

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Are you a programmer?

Unlike other keyboards, the Korg work system is very complex and requires various empty user locations so that libraries work properly. In combination mode you will need free locations to include any library, too.

We had the slightest detail in this and we deliberately avoided programming in the locations where the factory preload is already present. So we recommend that you free the user program locations ( unless you have some personal sound ) and then put it manually into empty locations after library installation. ( See the "operation guide" for more details ).

If you can not do this, we can do it for you, in fact we offer a paid service called " User Doctor " that allows you to overcome this inconvenience by succeeding in coexisting various collections together. Just click on the " User Doctor Installation Service " option at the time of purchase: at this point, you will need to send your personal pcg file ( and optional ksc ); our experienced programmers will work for you to make a new pcg file: sorted, optimized and ready for a live show. The processing time is variable depending on the amount of data to be handled and will be communicated directly by the programmer entrusted by e-mail.

User Doctor is a brand new extension, originated from the need of every keyboard player to get assistance for his sound banks, to reorder them in setlists suitable for live performance and especially for granting sound compatibility with different keyboards. 

You have three options to join the "User Doctor" plan: 

1. PLAY - Sort & repair your PCG suitable for Live Performance.

2. PLUS - Agglomerate purchased libraries ( max 2 items ) with personal data.

Korg ® is a registered trademark of Korg Inc which owns all rights on it. The use of the registered mark here is only indicative of the type of instruments our product is intended for

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