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TPL028 - Wave Scopes - Behringer Pro-Vs Mini ( 32 presets )

€9,00 €15,00
SKU: TPL028-provsmini


The Behringer Pro-Vs Mini defies categorization by price point. Despite its remarkably affordable tag, this synthesizer exhibits a prowess in sound design that belies its modest cost. Its core strength lies in its exceptional versatility when manipulating waveforms. A robust filter and a well-equipped LFO further empower sound designers to craft a stunning array of captivating and nuanced timbres.

The bank contains 32 presets of the following types: Evolving Pads, Bass, Sequences, Soundtracks, Ambient, SFX for your Behringer Pro-Vs Mini !

The demo version serves to further emphasize the core sonic capabilities of the instrument. By eschewing additional layering or processing techniques beyond a subtle delay effect, it allows the raw power of the Pro-Vs Mini's architecture to shine through. This approach underscores its potential as a platform for impactful and expressive sound design, even without external embellishments.


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