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SWS006 - Electronic Essentials Vol.1 Samples & Loops Pack

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Electronic Essential Vol.1 presents High Quality Samples and Loops (350 plus) for various modern electronic music (Trap, Hip Hop, Minimal, EDM, Elettronica - Synth).
A useful tool of samples for any music producer or keyboardist edited by Andrea De Paoli.

Samples and Loops List: (Format WAV 44.100 Hz - 32 bit floating / 24 bit)

40 Arp Synth Sounds
19 Bass Synth Sounds
11 Synth Pads
25 Synth Riffs
25 Drone Sounds (Tuned and untuned)
24 Guitars Slices
22 Male and Female Vocals
14 Sax Tenor Slices
10 Snare and FX Loops
88 Drum Loops
58 Afro Beat Loops
11 Bonus Loops
10 EDM Effects
3 Rhodes Patterns
Six Total Trap Drum Stems