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SSX202 - Virtual Prophet - Korg Nautilus Series ( 29 presets )
SSX202 - Virtual Prophet - Korg Nautilus Series ( 29 presets )
SSX202 - Virtual Prophet - Korg Nautilus Series ( 29 presets )
SSX202 - Virtual Prophet - Korg Nautilus Series ( 29 presets )
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SSX202 - Virtual Prophet - Korg Nautilus Series ( 29 presets )

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Added by Synthsound

Finally available this brand new product made by Synthsound ! This astonishing library gives you the opportunity to get some fat and analog sound derived from the well-known DSI Prophet Series in these years ! We sampled with High Resolution some layers and made a "SynthSound" post-production adding more power and our "new taste of sound" but keeping the original thickness of the synth.
There are many keyboard sounds that you can use in every musical situation, as well as incredible pad sounds and lead tones that allow you to create cool and vintage atmospheres with a unique taste. A great "must have" for every keyboardist that love both fat and analog sounds used mostly along 80's & 90's. It features 22 original sounds sampled from the legendary Prophet 6, 5 bonus programs taken from the Derek Sherinian world and 2 Bonus Combi: these sounds have been edited with the famous Nautilus IFX | MFX | TFX Chain in order to give you great fat sounds like the original vintage synth. Ideated, designed from scratch and performed by Alex Di Donna ( Synthsound ).



Patches List:

Program ( U - EE )
Knarly Fat
Knarly Velo. Sweep
Mod Velocity II
Porky Velo. Sweep
Prophetic Strings
Classic Saw Velo. Sweep
Bad Velo. Sweep
Luckiest Lead
Pro Square V2
ProFarm Lead
Fizzy Pad
Fizzy Velo. Sweep Pad
Knarly Velo. Lead
Thick Pad
Classic Sync
Classic Sync Poly
Derek JP Analogue
Light JP Synth Brass
Lost Islsand HD
Stereo Sync Saws
Jupiter 8 Lead
Jupiter Killer Lead


Program ( U - DD )
Derek Shame LY!
Derek Improviso
Derek Improviso V2
Derek Improviso V3
Derek Improviso V4

Combi ( U - G )
NL3 Style
Death Style

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